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How to Remove Or Delete Site URL From Your Alexa Account

 Alexa Account
If you are using to get stats of your site and if you have multiple site added on your alexa account  so you can easily mange all your site in alexa by going to your account dashboard section. But if you ever want to remove or delete any of your site from alexa or if you want update your site that you have updated then you have to option, first you can add a new site without removing the older one or second you can remove your older site URL and then you can add your new website to your account this is only required to do this when you purchase your new domain and you connect it with your blogger blog.

Now to remove your old site URL just follow the steps below
* Go to your alexa Dashboard now click the URL of your site that you want to remove

* Now click Manage Subscription:

* Now just click Cancel Subscription:

* Then you will get 3 message read the message and click cancel subscription, now go back to your dashboard and you are done. now your site will be remove from your alexa account.
Rizwan Ahmad
About the Author:
This article is written and posted by Rizwan Ahmad Author and founder of, He is a tech blogger from India and he loves to share his thoughts by writing articles on this site to the different topics related to technology world,


  1. Thanks Rizwan. Blogging not always easy for newbies, but at least their are guys like you ready to help out

  2. Thanks for posting this. Greatly appreciated!

  3. Hi Tasha, Thanks that you found this help full.

  4. Great. I was stuck on how to get rid of a site that is no longer active. Thanks!

  5. Thanks Michael, that you find this helpful...

  6. Hi. Will it work for a domain name I own but did add ? I mean, I created with a CMS called SquareSpace but it was added to Alexa without my consent. I have no account at Alexa so can I control this very site ? Thank you in advance.

  7. Just try to find out how your site got added on Alexa if you haven't add this, then you will be able to remove your site from Alexa.

  8. This is great, thanks so much. Was struggling for ages with this

  9. Thank you so much for this information. I have searched this information for deleting my site in Alexa for a long time then I got this useful information Rujacksalad


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