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3 IPad Apps For The Shopaholics

It’s hard to think that at some point we had to rely on getting out of our beds, putting our shoes on and walking/driving to our nearby mall to buy things. At some point that’s all we had to rely on. We had no other choice. I know that wasn't TOO long ago, but to know that at some point the Internet did not exist and we simple had to physically buy things with cash only is quite funny. Here are some of the ways you can maybe even use technology to make shopping less of a hassle. In the end whether you want to admit it or not, it is a hassle. It might be fun for some, but for most it isn't really the easiest thing to do.

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3 IPad Apps For The Shopaholics
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Remember window-shopping? Yes it still exists. Now it isn’t as relevant as other forms of marketing done by companies. There was a point where most of the reason why people walked into a store was because of what happened in the window. The experience that you had walking by a store, stopping, staring, and taking a few steps to go in the store hasn't really been the focus point in many marketing strategies recently. If you miss all that, this app is for you. As soon as you open it up it brings you to a beautifully simple interphase that does exactly what you think it does. Show you windows and little peaks of what items might look like in models. Once you see something that catches your eye (it wont take long) you are able to tap the item and then it brings a detailed overview of the item and then where you can actually purchase it! It’s all the perks of shopping at a mall with out the hassle of those crowded stores.


I still don’t understand the name of this app, but hey it’s kind of a dream come true! Basically what you are doing is scrolling through the loads of items available while you then see something you like: simply click on it and save it to keep it in mind to the app. The app then holds on to your idea, and realizes you want it, then simply waits till it goes on sale and tells you that it is on sale! It’s kind of like having a personal shopper that waits for the best deals to come by and see if they match up with what you want. It’s pretty dang sweet!

This one might be overlooked because people (specifically ladies) don’t tend to think about how to protect their home. In my opinion, when you buy thousands and thousands of dollars on apparel that could easily be stolen when left unprotected, it only makes sense to spend just a little more to protect these items. is one of those apps that make sure that you are completely covered at all times. They partner with an Arlington home security company. Home security might be the only way you can ensure yourself and your purchases when you might not even be there. It’s almost like having an attack dog guarding your closet!
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