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These days most of us tend to carry a lot of expensive equipment on us at any given time. If you have a nice watch, a smartphone and perhaps a shoulder bag with a laptop in it then that's several thousand dollars' worth of loot right on your person. And to make matters worse, this technology won't just be expensive: it will also be private and contain a lot of confidential information/personal data and even sentimental media.

For all these reasons it's crucial that you keep this technology safe and don't let it get into the wrong hands – but that can be mighty difficult when you're out and about with those products and constantly taking them out of your pockets…

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How to Keep Devices Safe When You Take Them Out
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Here then we will look at some of the things you can do to keep your technology safer even when it's exposed…

Lanyards and Chains: A lanyard is a loop you can use to attach all kinds of items to each other or to hang them around your neck. Often these are used for ID badges and the like, but if you look closely you'll find that some of your devices have little loops where you can loop them through too. What this then allows you to do is to attach a clip and fasten your device to your belt loop or to the edge of your pocket. Ultimately that means that your tech isn't just going to fall out of your pocket, and that even if someone were to try and steal it from you they wouldn't have any luck in getting away with it. And if you want to go one step further then you can even attach a keychain!

Security Software: There are also a range of different apps and programs you can use to add security to your devices so that they will at least keep their secrets in the event that they are stolen. Some will allow you to remotely erase sensitive information, while others will just keep people locked out. In some cases you can even take snapshots of thieves or track the location of your device via the GPS which will of course greatly improve your odds of locating it…

The Cloud: Another thing you can do to keep the information safe is to save your personal files on the cloud and deleting them off of the device's internal memory. If you were to use DropBox to store photos for instance then you wouldn't lose those photos even if your device was lost or stolen. Better yet though it would mean you could simply change your account details and thereby lock anyone out of those files should they locate your phone or tablet.

Bags: If you're keeping your technology in a bag then there are several ways you can make this more secure. For starters that bag should have a zip and to get more from this you can wear the bag so that said fastener is facing inwards towards you. Now if someone were to try and get into the bag they'd have to put their arm under your armpit.

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Make sure never to let your bag out of your sight, and if you're sitting down try looping the strap around your knee or foot so that people can't easily drag it away.

Buffer Devices: Finally the best scenario is obviously to avoid taking your expensive/highly personal technology out with you in the first place. Find a separate device that you can use when you're travelling or that you're taking with you and make sure not to save anything important on that. Using the cloud you can upload all the information back to your home devices which will this way be safely kept under the best security locks along with all your other valuables.

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