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Anyone who has a decent amount of money is looking to manage it better. There are countless benefits to being able to effectively manage one’s finances.

Fortunately, there are apps for that. In fact, there are five apps that make it significantly easier to manage money than most other available apps.

App: Manilla
As an all-in-one financial organizer, Manilla is one of the top apps for managing finances. It can be used to manage a wide range of different accounts. It even works for magazine subscriptions and credit cards.

All of the management takes place in one location, within the app. Users can even create customized accounts for cleaning services or rent.

The app provides reminders for bills that need to be paid and allows for the monitoring of travel rewards points. With Manilla, users are equipped to properly manage their money.

App: Mint Quick View
There is a reason why this app was the most popular financial app in 2012. Mint Quick View is clean and simple. It shows a variety of categories and how much money is being spent in each category, which makes it extremely easy to manage a budget.

It can be used to monitor many types of transactions. After signing in, a user receives a quick, to-the-point view of where his or her money is going. The personalized budget tools make it easy to prepare for any financial situation.

App: Dough
At first glance, the name of this app might imply that it’s made for bakers. However, Dough is actually an app that is made for tracking investment trading activity. It's also great for managing payments from companies like My Lump Sum.

This app comes with a variety of tutorials for the new investor. However, it has received the most praise from its features for money management.

App: Hello Wallet
Here is an app that is very similar to Mint Quick View. It allows users to create financial goals while tracking spending and expenses. This app is different because it allows users to track their spending according to special labels.

For example, users can track their money based on categories that represent essential purchased, nonessential purchases and gifts. It allows users to track their spending habits and provides individualized spending recommendations and advice.

App: Check
Here is an app that is perfect for anyone who wants to effectively manage his or her money. By pulling data from bills, credit cards and bank accounts, it provides users with a central location to manage their finances.

It makes it easy for users to manage their money and stay on top of bills. These are five of the most popular financial apps for managing one’s money.
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