I am going to tell you that how you can automatically publish your blog post on your Facebook and Twitter account. The process is quite simple and easy. Below i will tell you about three online services which you can use to auto publish your blog posts, below are three services and you just need to select the service you want. Here i will give you only three services from which you can select one on the basis of your preference.The three services are twitterfeed, Dlvr.it and IFTTT (If Then That This).

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1-Twitter Feed:
The first service you can use is Twitter Feed, it gives you the option to publish your blog post to your Twitter and Facebook account by using your feed. Twitterfeed is a popular service to automatically publish your blog post. To use twitterfeed  sign up for twitterfeed account. Now log in to your account and then on your dashboard click “Create New Feed”. See below:

Now first enter your Feed name then enter your RSS Feed URL or Blog URL in the columns. Se below:

You can also use advance setting if you want to change your current settings. In advance setting under Post Content option you can select Title only option if you are creating it for Twitter because Twitter allows you only 140 characters to write. After entering the Feed name and Blog/Feed URL in step two you have to select the service you want, whether Facebook or Twitter. If you go with Twitter, so after selecting the Twitter it will ask for authentication click the authorize button and allow it to use your Twitter account. You have done it, now every time you publish a new blog post it will be auto publish in your Twitter account.

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The second service is Dlvr.it (deliver it), it ltes you to publish your blog post to three most popular social networks, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.  To use this service just enter your Email ID then enter your desired password and click on sign up button and then it will ask you to give permission to access your account just permit it  and you are done. You can also create widgets for your blog and you can add this widget into your blog you can get this widget in your Dlvr.it widgets option.

The third and last service is IFTTT (If Then That This). This service gives you the lots of option and tools to publish your blog post to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to other options. It has great services to use but here i will tel you about how to setup your blog with it. Just sign up for free account and log in to your account After logging in click create new task option on the top right corner. In the second step click the RSS feed icon, Now select the first option ‘New Feed Item’ and enter your Feed URL and click create trigger.

Now select the channel,on which you want to publish your blog posts. Select the Facebook page if you want to activate it, in the next step and click activate, now it will ask for permission allows it and you are done.


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