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Difficulty Receiving Emails From Your Big Rock Email Account
Today a Lot of people know about BigRock’s Free Email Service but not many know about how to use it and how to setup a new free email service from big rock to send and receive emails to your Big Rock domain free email service. let’s take a look on a short tutorial below. If you having difficulty receiving emails from your new big rock email account, and when you send email from a different email account to your big rock email account then your sent email Bounce back to the you this is because you haven't set the "Forward to the following User/Account" option in your email dashboard. You can easily resolve this problem just follow the step below.

How To Enable Big Rock Email account to send and receive emails from other email service: 
* Go to your Customer Control Panel or click on My Account if you are logged in to the website
* Enter your correct Username & Password
* Click on the Domains Tab >> List all Orders
* Click on the domain name for which you want to use Email service
* Now scroll down and click ‘Manage Email’ Tab
* In your Email Dashboard look for the option 'Catch-All' and see it is enable or disable.

If it's showing disable then click on that then tick the "Forward to the following User/Account" option now enter your Email Id that you have created for your email service.
* Now click apply and you are done.

Now all your email will come to your Big Rock email account and will not go back or Bounce to you back.
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