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Add YouTube Channel On Your Facebook
If you have YouTube channel and you have great collection of videos on your channel then you can promote your videos and channel by adding them on the most popular social networking site Facebook yes you can add your YouTube channel on your Facebook fan page. It's very simple and takes a few minutes and you can watch your YouTube channel on your Facebook page, you can see my example here, let's do it. follow the instruction below.

1- Log in to your facebook account.

2- Now search for 'Cueler' in search bar.

3- Now you can click on the 'Add to my page' button or you can click on 'instal' click instal. Now chose your Facebook page on which you want to add YouTube channel.

4- Then you will see a new cueler YouTube tab in your profile apps section.

Now click on the cueler tab and then it will ask you to configure click on configure button, on the next page inter your youtube channel ID like then you can put a massage so when you will upload a videos it will show a massage for new uploaded video on your page. Now select the player width.

5- Now save the page and go to your Facebook page where you have added the youtube channel. click youtube videos see below:

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