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In my previous article i had told you about 'How To Purchase A New Domain From BigRock.com' But now i have lots of queries asking about how to connect or add a blogger blog to a newly purchased domain from BigRock or any other domain providing site. So This post will let you know that how to add a custom "BIGROCK" domain to Blogger Blogs. If you have already purchased your domain from BigRock then you can go ahead with this article but if you don't have a custom domain and want one for your blog then you can read my previous article on 'How To Purchase A New Domain From BigRock.com'.
How To Connect A Blogger Blog To Your BigRock Domain
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Setting Up Your New BigRock Domain With Your Blogger Blog

1. Login to your host server account.

2. Click on "Domains" (from navigation - menu) and then click on "List All Orders".
A list showing all your domains will be displayed.

3. Click on the domain.

4. Click on the DNS tab and then on "Manage DNS". Now you will have to make changes in the DNS settings.

5. Click on CNAME Records and then click on "ADD CNAME RECORD"

You will have to add two CNAME records one with the www prefix and the other without the www prefix. Why this is important see an example below.

Suppose you have registered yourdomain.com. Adding two CNAME records would allow you to point both http://www.yourdomain.com and http://yourdomain.com to your blogspot blog. Thus even if someone does not type in the www prefix, he would be able to access your blog without the www prefix.

6. Adding the CNAME Record

1. With the www prefix For Host Name type "www" For Value type in "ghs.google.com" and then click on Add Record and your record would be saved.

2. Next we to have create another record without the www prefix
Again click on Add CNAME record.

For Host Name enter leave it empty For Value type "ghs.google.com" and click on Add Record

7. The final step is link the domain to your blogspot blog. Go to your blogger dashboard and click on settings and then on publishing. Next Click on "switch to custom domain" and then on "advanced settings"

Then enter your domain with www prefix as http://www.yourdomain.com and save it. Click on the publishing tab again and select Redirect yourdomain.com to www.yourdomain.com.
and you are done.

NOTE: It would take some time (upto 48 hours) for the domain settings to propagate across the internet.
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