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How To Open All BlackBerry .ipd Format File On Your Computer?BlackBerry is a most popular brand name in the failed of mobile phone companies and it known for it's some of the great services which other companies may not provide to their users. The best part of BlackBerry is that it allows it's users to take a backup and restore all the contacts and the settings in such an easy way that users are liked and addicted to the BlackBerry phones.

You can easily take a backup of all your saved SMS, Phone Call logs, Address book, Tasks, Calender, image and audio files it saves all your phone backup as. ipd format which you can only open in your Black Berry phone. But what will you do  when your phone stop working and you will not be able to open your saved file into your computer?

you don't have to worry. To restore and open the file you don’t need to buy another BlackBerry phone, you can simply open the. ipd backup file with the help of MagicBerry. MagicBerry is free software to open BlackBerry. ipd format files. With MagicBerry you can open all the saved SMS, Phone Call logs, Address book, Tasks, Calender, image and audio files. You can easily export your backup files to your phone simply download this software below.

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