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Hi today i am going to tell you that how you can purchase a custom domain from BigRock is an ICANN-Accredited Domain Name provider that sells Domain names at the most competitive rates in the industry of web domains. BigRock’s platform powers over 6 million domains. At BigRock they have a seamless domain search process and their cheap domain registration prices are upto 80% lesser than other Registrars. Bigrock is India no.1 domain registration and web hosting provider. On BigRock you can register domain names in many different name spaces including .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info, .mobi, .in,,, .asia and many other spaces. Additionally  BigRock  offer 24X7 support for all your domain registration and web hosting services. So if you are looking for Domain Registration in India look no further. is the right destination for you.Purchasing a domain from BigRock
Now how you will purchase a domain from BigRock it’s just a simple process of few steps. Just follow the steps below:

1- Go and then create your free account login to your account you can also use your twitter or facebook ID to sign in to BigRock .com. Go to the home page of the BigRock site and then enter your desired web site name if it says that name is not available then try another name then select the .com, .org or .in what ever you want select one but remember the prices are not same on BigRock.

Purchasing a domain from BigRock

The cheapest domain is ‘.in’ which is available only at RS.99 and the maximum price is 999 which is ‘.co’ when you get the name which is available then click go.

2- Now on the next page select the year for how many year you want to take your domain in the binning for example: for one year or tow. if you want your domain for one year select one year then click the green button below to continue on the next page you can get Get upto 10% off on your instant order
When you connect with Facebook or Twitter. If you haven’t sign up before for BigRock then signup or log in with your existing account ID now select your payment method and select your bank from the right then click Pay Online button on the next page enter your card details then enter your password if asking then click pay.

Now it will authenticate your payment if your payment is done successfully then you will get massage that your purchase is successful. Now click the take me to the control panel button and then you can see your new purchased domain there.

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