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Easily Remove Or Delete Timeline From FacebookSince the Facebook timeline is started there was many people who didn't like the new timeline feature and they never waned use this feature on Facebook so a big number of Facebook user rejected or dislike the new timeline feature. I also have so much quires asking about how to delete or remove timeline from Facebook so now i have got the answer for this and i will tell you that how you can remove Facebook timeline from your Facebook account.

You can easily remove your timeline from Facebook, for this you just have to download and install an extension in your browser this extension is 100% safe and virus free to download the extension follow the steps below

* Go Timelineremove then click on the browser below for which you want to Download the extension

how to remove timeline from facebook

* If you are using Google chrome or any other browser then just go to the link above and then click the green button right side. Now install the extension and you are done just refresh your page to see your older profile page.

Note: don't install and use any extension you don't trust until you get the right one for you otherwise it can be dangerous for your system.
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