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Internet Download Manager
Hi today i will tell you about how you can download torrent files with IDM  (Internet Download Manager) every one knows about torrents and IDM download manager IDM is the most popular download manager on the internet to download any kind of files from internet. Torrent is the another download manager which people use to download movies, video songs, mp3, video, software's etc. But i know some people asking about how to download torrent files with IDM so here i am to tell you that how you can download torrent files with idm.

How to download torrent files with IDM
This is not big task as it sounds in fact this is very easy task if you are wondering then don't be this is the task of some very simple steps, for this just follow the steps below.

* First go to and download the torrent file to your system from there which you want to download, it could be movie or a video file.


* Ok now Go here zbigz
* Now click on the upload button and select the torrent file to upload that you have downloaded from
* Then click Go and wait for while
* Now click on the download button

* Now select your account type, you can go with free account
*Now wait fro the IDM to start the download

Now you are done by using this trick you can download any torrent file with IDM very easily.  Please share this article with your friends if you like this thanks.

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