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How To Log in  Your Facebook Account With Three Different PasswordFacebook Password
If you want to use three different password for your Facebook account to log in you can easily do this how? here is the you can really log in to your Facebook account with three different type this is not a trick this a simple option that is given by Facebook if you didn't know this before then you must know this now.

Most of the sites don’t need to use SSL because they don’t handle sensitive information. Avoid entering sensitive information, such as username and passwords, on their web site and Facebook is one of them and Facebook passwords are not case sensitive. When we log in to Facebook on our mobile phones we often change our passwords first later in small which is capital.  You can use same password by changing the letters of the password.

Using Changed Password
For example: if your password is "abcd" you can use this in tow other different forms see below.
Original password : abcd
Putting First letter capital: Abcd
Putting all letters in capital: ABCD

Now you know how to use your password in three different ways to log in to your Facebook account. Now you don't have to worry about the security of your account your account will always be the same safe and secure.

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