Google Fiber 1Gbps High Speed Internet Launched By Google

Google Fiber 1Gbps High Speed Internet Launched By Google

On Thursday, July 26th, 2012 Google officially launched its new 1Gbps high speed internet connection in Kansas city. According to Google Google fiber is 100 time more fast than the local broadband speed which is being used in America. Google fiber is so fast even you can’t imagine how fast it could be for you now you don’t have to wait for any thing just purchase a connection of Google fiber from Google and get into the world of high speed internet.

There is 2 version of Google fiber is available for purchase now, people in Kansas who want to get this will have to pay $300 one time as construction fee and they will get Google fiber free for 7 years at 5 Mbps speed but if they want to by Google fiber with TV channels they will have to pay $120/month and if they don’t want TV channels, then they can pay only $70/month.


Let’s have a look on some of the best features of Google fiber

1000 Mbps speed
Google fiber is so powerful that will give you 1000Mbps internet speed it means that you don’t ave to wait for any thing just give a click and all the things you will get running fast. Now you don’t have to wait for the buffering all your video chatting, uploading, playing games online will be very fast.

Watching videos 
With Google fiber you will be able to play all your videos and movies with  Netflix and YouTube at one place, play video in HD and don’t worry about any thing the videos will go as fast as you can imagine.

Cloud storage 
with Google fiber you will get cloud storage with 2 terabyte capacity with HD TV service, now you don’t have to worry about your programs you can now record and save up to eight programs simultaneously in your cloud storage.

Introducing Google Fiber          

YouTube video

Creating community
Google fiber will use all the neighborhood as a fiber community which will help people to connect with them fast easy. It will help you to connect with your school, collage, hospitals, emergency facilities, libraries, and more.

More experience
with Google fiber you will get more opportunities over the internet because with Google fiber you will be able to explore more of the internet and it will never let you down, Google fiber will always be ready to serve you better from the web so you can get more experience with internet. Google fiber promise you to give more and more better internet experience in the future.

How to get Google Fiber Video Demo

YouTube video

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