How to Use WiFi Hotspot And USB Tethering Using Your Android Phone

WiFi Hotspot And USB Tethering

WiFi Hotspot And USB Tethering
Today i will talk about WiFi hotspot and USB tethering and we will learn  how to use these services on your phone, you can use your WiFi mobile phone to connect with any WiFi network available around you, and if you have WiFi with hotspot in your phone then you can share your internet with any other WiFi enabled mobile phone to use internet on both phones and with USB tethering you can use your mobile internet connection on your PC.

As we all know that WiFi is wireless network which enable us to use wireless data network on our mobile or other WiFi enabled devices without any internet and network connection even we don’t have to enable our phones data network. To use WiFi connection on a mobile phone we have to get into a WiFi enabled area and then just open up your WiFi by going to your wireless and network setting and then you can search and connect with any available WiFi net


work to use intranet.

In this tutorial i will tell you about WiFi with hotspot and USB tethering and i will tell more about these cervices. lets first talk about WiFi with hotspot and its use.

What is WiFi hotspot and how to use it
We all know much about WiFi and it’s use but some of us probably don’t know much about WiFi Hot spot and its use. Today every smart phone is coming with WiFi service and some of them are coming with WiFi with hotspot, so if you have WiFi hotspot in your phone you can tern your phone into a portable WiFi hotspot to share your internet connection with one or more PC and other devices, you can also use it to share your internet connection with your friends mobile and you and your friend both can use internet at the same time without having any problem if your internet connection speed is good then you can use this service in much better way. 

Tip: You cannot use your phone’s application to access the internet via its WiFi connection. You can configure your hotspot going to your WiFi hotspot setting. To enable it go to your mobiles wireless and network setting and then go to tethering & portable hotspot and then to enable WiFi hotspot push the WiFi hotspot button that’s it.

What is USB tethering and how to use it 
With USB tethering you can tether your phone with to computer with a USB data cable and then you   can share and access your internet connection on your PC. Using USB tethering you don’t have install any kind of PC suite or software to  run the internet on your PC just plug your cable to the phone to your PC and enable your internet connection and then go to your wireless and network setting and from there just enable the USB tethering by pushing the button now nothing you have to do just open your browser and start surfing the internet. 

I like this because with this i can connect my phone to any PC any where and i will need only a data cable and no need to install any kind of software or PC suite on the other PC. 

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