Can Google Drive Be An Evernote Alternative?

For so long a time, Evernote has reigned supreme in the realm note taking applications. But a new competitor in the form of Google Drive just might get the crown. Let us take a closer look at the new face of Google Docs.

What is Google Drive?

This is newest cloud drive that has hit the web and has been dubbed as a threat to Skydrive, Box, Dropbox, and other similar applications. With Google Drive, you will not have to go into to gain access to your files as they have now become a part of this new application.

Abundant and Low Cost Storage

This application is able to take and view very large files, something that some services are not capable of. And just like Dropbox, you can sync with other computers and mobile devices. It has 5G of free storage space and is able to upload 30 types of files. You can add and manage files to your desktop and can view them even when you are offline.

Sharing and Collaboration

With Google Drive, you are able to share your files, folders, and even the entire Drive. You can add a person, share a link, or go public and view and manage files and folders shared to you. You will have the ability to send links through Gmail so people that you are connected to will always have the latest version and send Google Drive files in an email’s body or as an attachment. Your photos and videos from the Drive can be shared in Google+. Plus, you can collaborate with any file of whatever type and look through 30 days of revision history.

Could Google Drive Be An Evernote Alternative?

Search and Google Goggles
Looking for your files and folders will not be problem as you can do your searches easily by filtering file types, keywords, file owners, and many more. You can even search texts in a scanned document or a photo with the use of the search bar.
Third-Party Applications
There are already apps that you can offer free or freemium services in the Chrome Web Store. You can integrate these apps into your Google Drive so you are able to do many fun things with it. There is the HelloFax where you can send fax for free in Google Drive; Aviary and Pixlr to allow you to edit your uploaded photos; SlideRocket to create presentations; and Revisu which allows you to share your designs for feedback.
Some users might have a problem with its lack of speedy clipping which can offer some moments of annoyance as well as its seemingly complex maneuvers. But once you get the hand of its shortcuts and other conveniences, this should not be a deal breaker. Nevertheless, for those who are after an application that feature a full office suite that will allow them to create documents and presentation, Google Drive would be perfect. It is a powerful application where you can conveniently store, share, and manage files as well collaborate them with other users.
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