How Conference Calling Has Changed the Business World


Since the inception of conference calling, it has become so easy for modern businesses have been able to makes decisions, speak with influential people and contact people all over the world.
Before the technology of conference calls arranging a meeting was such a long process. A time and date that was convenient with both parties had to be arranged – although this is still the case it is much easier to arrange a time slot of 30 minutes for both parties, rather than taking into account the time it would take for one party to travel to the others office, especially when in some cases this could be a few hours. There’s no longer the traveling issue, there’s no need to find somewhere to park and there’s no issue in traveling back.

Conference calling makes the whole meeting process far smoother and more efficient. Today you can have a meeting with your branding company in London, then speak with your supplier in China and then your customer in France may call from their office. All of this can be achieved within the same day, at a fraction of the cost it would have taken you to travel to just one of the meetings.
This new found efficiency opens up a wealth of opportunities for all businesses to widen their scope both within this country and abroad. Whereas once a local architect based in London could only service his local area this is no longer the case.  He can now speak and do business with potential clients from London to Scotland to Brazil allowing both parties to save money as there is no need to travel.


In this day and age people are constantly looking for the personal touch from a business. Conference calling gives companies the opportunity to be personal, you hear more and more about companies calling their clients just to check that everything is ok and to see what they can do to improve their service. Imagine a mobile phone provider arranging a face to face meeting with some of its users just to check that everything is ok. It just wouldn’t happen. Now imagine a mobile phone provider arranging a conference call with a few customers on their mobiles, that is far more achievable and adds the personal touch.

Not only has conference calling made it easier for the big businesses to speak and have meetings with their various suppliers, clients and prospects it also allows the smaller businesses to expand their reach. Conference calling has given both small and large companies the ability to have that personal touch.

This article was written by James Briggs – a corporate business owner – for – a leading industry in conference calls.

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