How To Optimize Battery Life Of Your Android Phone
The many features of Android phones can often drain its battery life. The ability to simultaneously run apps can take its toll on the battery life of your phone. There are several app manager applications designed to help you determine the amount of battery life installed and built-in programs are consuming. You can check it via the “Settings” tab and then clicking “manage applications.”
There are several ways you can prolong the battery life of your Android phone. Here is a short guide on how you can extend the battery life of your phone.
Generally, the best way to prevent is to switch off applications that are not being used. Keeping GPS and Bluetooth on the whole day will certainly waste battery life. You can set it to “Only When Needed” to save needed battery life.
Install Power Control
Another option is to install a widget called “Power Control.” This app is available in Android phones running on version 2.1 and higher. The purpose of this app is to configure Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, and Sync in just one click. Likewise, the app allows you to reduce screen brightness.
Most 4G phones come with a toggle switch for deactivating the 4G antenna which can also drain battery life. It is recommended to keep it off because it can consume a lot of data.
Reduce Screen Resolution
Another way of saving battery consumption is to keep the screen background of your phone as black as possible. Screens usually take up huge amount of battery life so reducing its power can result to drastic improvements in battery life.
Lower Data Usage
If you are not on a data plan and only use your phone for calling and texting, you can switch it to GSM or 2G mode to save battery consumption. Even if you on a data plan, this is also recommended if you will use the phone only for getting e-mails. For surfing the Web, use Wi-Fi instead of 3G.
You can also switch off auto-sync feature. Social network apps such as Facebook and Twitter can be configured to autosync contacts. To do this, go to the Settings tab and then choose Accounts and Sync then uncheck the boxes. E-mail app should also be disabled as constantly refreshing messages can eat up battery life.
Installing apps and utilizing the features is essential in order to make the most out of your Android phone but there is also a drawback that it will take up much of your battery’s phone life. Follow these tips and you can look forward to enjoying using your phone for as long as possible.
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