Launching My First Android App To Explore Our Blog On Your Android Phone


My First Android App
Today date: 13/8/2012 I launched my first Android App of my website and i am very happy to announce this great news to our readers and followers, i have created this app to my readers so they can download this app to their android phone then they will be able to browse and explore on their android phones. I am also going to launch another android App of my site soon which i have designed as a online music station where you can read my blog articles while listening the online music both at the same time  my readers will be able to read my blog articles and by following my twitter and Facebook updates they will be able to get latest updates on their android phone.


My First Android AppAndroid AppMobile Android App

Features of Cyberockk Android App
1- The first thing i have added on the home screen is a about page where any one can get information about my website, There i have also added my site link, my twitter page link, my Facebook page link and Email option from where you can send me Emails if you want to contact me.
2- On the second tab you will find my twitter page from where you can read my latest tweets and you can also reply to any tweets.
3- on the third tab i have added my Facebook page by which you can check all the updates from my Facebook page. 
4- On the fourth tab you will get Photos option where you can explore my Facebook photos.
5- On the fifth tab you will get Contact me option which you can use to send me your valuable Emails
6- On the sixth and the last tab y7you will get RSS feed option from where you can follow and read my RSS feed updates right from your android phone.

You can easily download this app just by clicking on the download button below, you will not get this app on Google play because i have not yet added this to Google play market but you can directly download it here. 

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Rizwan Ahmad
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This article is edited and posted by Rizwan Ahmad Author and founder of this site, He is a tech blogger from India and he loves to share his thoughts by writing articles on this site to the different topics related to technology world,

Rizwan Ahmad
Rizwan Ahmad

Rizwan is an avid mobile geek and a gaming lover. He loves to keep a tab on new tech and loves to share the latest tech news and reviews on Smartphones, Gadgets, Apps, and more.


  1. Thanks Chris for your feed back i am glad to hear this, as i am not a professional android app developer but i have created this app using an SDK software and i hope people will like it, but this app is not yet available at Google play market you can download it from the page i have created for this,


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