Essential iPhone Apps to Help You Save When Spending

The world is an expensive place. If you have invested in top of the range hardware you will surely also want killer software to go with it. The amount of apps available for iOS can be intimidating for anyone that is new to the whole process but once you get to grips with it you’ll be wondering how you ever survived without it in the first place. Here are just a few of the most essential money saving apps available for free download, ensuring you get a real bang for your buck.

What do you mean you haven’t already signed up to Groupon? Groupon is one of the biggest and most popular deal-sharing systems going. Users are sent vouchers and deals direct to their phone but the best thing is you can personalise results to your individual tastes. Thanks to your history and preferences Groupon will search out and send deals it thinks you will be interested in, bringing deals to your attention which you might have otherwise missed.

There are countless bargains to be found on the world’s leading online auction site. But the worldwide nature of the site means that auctions can end at extremely inopportune times. This app has largely solved the problems which being away from your computer had previously caused. A notification system allows the user to be informed when an item they’re interested in is ending soon or if some cheeky so-and-so has dared to outbid you. A real key feature however, is the barcode scanning system. There are few things worse than when you’re out shopping but don’t want to commit to purchasing an item until you’ve run an online price comparison. The eBay app allows instant searching for any scanned barcode, pulling up all buy-it-now and auction listings.

Everybody loves a good money-saving voucher. The Vouchercloud app boasts a wide range of stores, restaurants, bars, hotels and more! Not only can you search out specific deals, this app can even find the closest deals of any kind, relevant to your location.

This barcode and QR code scanner truly has revolutionised out-and-about shopping. A quick scan of a product will bring up a comparison list of prices from a number of different retailers. Along with supplying useful product information, this app has ensured that you need never to overpay for an item ever again. Just be sure to angle the light just right when scanning or you might get a bit flustered trying to get it to work in the shop!

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