Google, Microsoft, Apple, Teamed Up With Others to Support Standards Web Platform Docs

Google, Microsoft, Apple,

Web development is growing in complexity. New web standards are being explored, and Web Platform Docs wants to be the authority for discussing these standards. The website is currently in “alpha” form, but it will discuss all types of questions related to development on the open web platform. The project has numerous partnerships and financial supporters including the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), Apple, Microsoft, Google, Mozilla, Facebook and Nokia. In its alpha form, the site features a Wiki, blog and a chat channel, but in the future, the site hopes to add more functionality. The more functionality it can offer its users, the more designers will benefit from this website. Web Platform Docs is designed to be a source for accurate and current references and tutorials. The information provided on the site will be beneficial to developers looking for information on client-side development and design.
In addition to this information, new standards will be discussed. The target audience is the engaged web community. Members of the community will be asked to lead teams and tackle challenges created by the community. These members would be responsible for creating new content, translating texts or checking the site for outdated or erroneous content.

Other Information Found On Web Platform Docs

The website teaches its visitors how to use the open web and also, provides examples with syntax. Visitors will also be informed about the type of devices and platforms recommended for particular technologies. The website will also discuss the current standardization and stability of a particular technology specification.


Courses for beginner web developer skills are also found on the website. This new course is comprehensive and provides new developer with what they need to know. Without the course, novice developers may search and search for information. They will spend more time searching than it would take the class. The online course is recommended for busy professionals.

Other courses and information on the website include information on concepts, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Accessibility and SVG. The company also solicits feedback from visitors. The visitors can provide information such as how to fix errors in open source documentation and information on how to port existing articles. Visitors may want to learn how to contribute content. This information can be found in the Getting Started Guide.

When bugs are found, the W3C bug tracker is used. A page dedicated to filing bugs is featured on the site. When developers contribute to the website, the open platform improves for everyone. This is helpful to any person using open platforms.

Web Platform Docs Will Provide a Forum for Web Developers

Web developers need a forum that will allow them the opportunity to save time by collaborating with other developers. This forum should address the issues that pressing for members using the open source platform. Developers should consider Web Platform Docs as a “go-to” resource for website development.
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