How to Recycle Your Laptop and Make Some Money in the Process

How to Recycle Your Laptop and Make Some Money in the Process

Recycling your laptop can bring about many benefits. However, one key benefit is that it can provide you with a tidy sum of pocket money. Many of us have old laptops lying around our homes. With technology advancing at a rate that’s hard to keep up with, it’s no surprise that this is the case. We all make the choice to upgrade at some point, however, not all of us realise that there’s still money tied up in our old machines. Today, we’ll look at a few great reasons to recycle your laptop.

First, you’ll help the planet
We all need to tread carefully in this day and age to ensure we keep our carbon footprints down. The impact humans are having on this planet is becoming too much to handle, and offsetting carbon is a major focus of organisations and governments worldwide. We are all encouraged to recycle our goods, and in doing so, we are contributing to saving our planet from global warming, making it a pleasant place to live for our future generations. Recycling your laptop may not seem like much, but if we all do it, then it makes a huge difference.


You can sell it, whatever the condition
This is where many people misunderstand the process of recycling your laptop. Laptops are bought for recycling whatever condition they may be in. Working laptops are often passed on to those that want them, and non-functioning laptops are often broken down to salvage their working parts. It doesn’t matter if your laptop is in full health or on its last legs, many companies will buy your laptop whatever the condition, and many offer reasonable rates to do just that.

You can erase your sensitive data for free
Simply wiping a hard drive isn’t enough to completely destroy your sensitive data. With a little knowledge and effort, anybody can salvage that data for themselves. This can have devastating effects if the wrong data gets into the wrong hands. Usually, to completely erase sensitive data, you have to pay for specialist software. However, when you recycle your laptop and sell it on to a company, they will completely erase all of your files free of charge, keeping your data safe from falling in to the wrong hands.

It’s easy to do
Really, it is. Recycling your laptop is a process that can be done with a few clicks of your mouse and a trip to your local post office. All you’ll have to do is find a company that recycles laptops, type in the model number and condition of your laptop, see the price offered, and then send your laptop off if you’re happy with that price. Once the company receive your laptop and agree on the condition, they’ll send you your money. It’s as simple as that. So, why not revive your old laptop and make some money?

Stuart Withers is an internet author, copywriter and SEO whiz kid who goes through laptops like there’s no tomorrow. He always sells his old laptops to the company Sell Your Laptop. He uses this company as they donate a share of their profits to charity and they always give reasonable rates. Try recycling your laptop today by visiting their site.

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