Microsoft Building Relationships With MSPs

For MSP’s (Managed Service Providers) to maintain a good relationship with their clients, it’s essential they invest in working with the best industry partners and provide top service. To show clients that they have extensive knowledge in meeting their client’s IT needs, it’s important that they follow the industry’s best practices and are qualified in supporting their client’s technology. This means having skilled technicians on staff that has received accreditations in handling various technology and service issues. If your company runs Microsoft products, you want to select MSP with technicians that are accredited to that type of service so they are well-prepared to meet your IT needs. When it comes to the relationship between Microsoft and MSP’s, Microsoft is working to find ways to strengthen the bond between the two of them and develop new ways that they can meet the growing needs of MSP’s.

One of the biggest names in the industry for strategic partners that most MSP’s have is Microsoft. A large majority of MSP’s clients use a product created by Microsoft. Part of building a stronger relationship with MSP’s is Microsoft doing their part in helping their partners’ better position themselves in the industry to gain more business.

Using their annual event at the WPC (Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference), Microsoft markets to MSP’s all of the new and upcoming technology they have coming out, more specifically with Windows 8, the Windows phone, Office 2013 and the Windows server in an attempt to grow the size of their cloud partners. The WPC is the most strategic way for MSP’s to be the first get their hands on leading information on what’s new with Microsoft. Knowing such information on what could be new, cutting-edge technology and new services, this puts MSP’s ahead of the competition.

Some of Microsoft’s biggest announcements at this year’s conference held this past July included giving their partners the authority to offer the Office 365 program to their clients without having to consult with the middle man first – Microsoft. Partners will be able to bill clients for the use of Office 365, then Microsoft bills MSP’s a monthly fee. This gives way to the bigger concept that MSP’s now have more control over the billing of their own clients over cloud services. This also gives them more freedom to bundle services and incorporate Microsoft service prices into their own managed services in a way that will maximize productivity and profitability in a way that works for everyone. For MSP’s, to now have the opportunity to provide services as their own opposed to Microsoft products serving as a separate entity, is a big deal when MSP’s market their services to current and potential clients.

Another announcement by Microsoft at their WPC conference included the Window’s Server 2012. For MSP’s being able to bundle and offer it with the Core Infrastructure Suite and System Center excites MSP’s because it will help their client’s save. When MSP’s can offer a product at a type of discount, they know it helps to retain business and generate new business as well. Microsoft also proudly announced the new Office 2013 and the cloud revamp that MSP’s would see with it. Since MSP’s have clients with a variety of different needs, it’s important for Microsoft to put out products that work well to support everyone’s technology and applications.

As Microsoft continues to put out products and services that MSP’s can use to support their clients, they can continue to grow their relationship, creating stronger business together.

This article was written by GMS Live Expert, a premier Help Desk Company.

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