Upgrade Your iPhone 3GS and Find Great iPhone 4 Deals

 iPhone 3GS

Are you tired of the looks of your old iPhone 3GS and desperately seeking to upgrade to one of the latest pieces of Hardware that Apple has launched in the market? Are you so fascinated by the iPhone 4 and the iOS 5 operating system that it boasts that you want to trade-in your old iPhone for it?
With technologies such as iPhone 4 at large, technology buffs and lovers of the coolest gadgets cannot sit quietly unless they own it. So here we come to our discussion, how to get the most out of your iPhone 4 contract?

Your Purchase Options
There are two ways to get hold of your iPhone. Either you opt to buy it from the store or go for a contract with a carrier.


The advantages of the second option are many. For starters you will never need to pay the whole price of the phone. A SIM-Free 16GB iPhone 4 Black model will cost you anywhere around £ 400 on an online store. The same 16 GB SIM-Free model but in white will be in your hands for a hefty £ 460.

Upgrade Your iPhone 3GS and Find Great iPhone 4 Deals

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Since carriers are more interested in a long term contract and making money through your phone calls and data usage, they offer to give you your dream phone in exchange for a commitment period. The contract period for an iPhone 4 can be up to 2 years for all major carriers in the UK.
Let’s say you’re interested in the White iPhone 4 32 GB. The Three network offers this for a price of £ 119.99 for a two year contract. The rental price is only £23 for the month and they offer bundled data of 250 MB with 500 minutes and 5000 text messages free.

If you wished to buy the same phone at Amazon for example you would have to shell out £ 500 for a SIM-free model. That is a hefty savings of £380 for the phone that you wanted! You also need to buy a data usage package at another £20 per month. Contract phones often work out a lot cheaper than buying your own phone.

Cancelling an iPhone 4 contract
Cancelling their contract is an option that a lot of users think about, especially when they find a competitive offer from a different carrier and one which involves a better and more advanced phone.
Sometimes a simple thing as unavailability of the latest stock ROM can influence a decision to quit. Whatever may trigger this decision there is a catch. If you wish to discontinue your contract it is going to cost a lot of money to sever the ties. In exact terms that would be the sum total of the amount that the carrier would have received from the contract for the months you’re canceling plus the line rental charges.

This means that the whole advantage of getting into a contract to have a great phone for almost free is wiped away by that one decision. As such unless you have absolutely and truly been goofed up by the carrier, there is no reason why you should be looking to cancel the contract.

Linda Stevens recently decided to replace her own old iPhone 3 with a refurbished iPhone 4 contract phone. She is very happy both with the price and the phone.

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