How To Learn Computer Aided Design Without Going To College

We all know that college is expensive, and a lot of people who are roaming about the streets without any skills today would have been very useful to themselves and the society if they have the chance to attend a form of college. If you’re interested in computer aided design and you don’t want to go to college or you don’t have the financial resources to attend one, here are ways for you to make your dreams come true. At least, a bit. Even though these methods are available for you to access, you still need to search for them in order to locate possible opportunities.

Computer Aided Design Without Going To College

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One of the best ways to learn CAD if you don’t have the power to fund a college education is to look for internship opportunities. There are many companies, firms, even individuals out there looking for people who are interested in people ready to sign up for internships to learn CAD. To get one you should ask people around your locality or locate any organization that might be interested in taking you up.


Find A Professional Freelance Designer
There are thousands of people who have learnt CAD and are working on their own as freelance designers of engineering and artistic models. They have gone to college to learn cad and they have many years of experience but are not working for a firm. Many of them usually have overflow of work so they’ll need people who are ready to learn to join up with them.

Look For Free Online Classes And Videos
New technology springing up everywhere on the internet has opened up opportunities for many people. Check the internet for classes, videos, materials and software you can stream, view or download for free. Even though most online classes don’t award certificates, they can provide the much needed foundation for you to start your CAD career.

Work For A Company With CAD Department
If you don’t mind hard work you can look for a company that you know have a CAD department. Apply for a job that doesn’t require graduate certificate, like an office assistant, just to get your foot into the company. Once you’re in, get yourself acquainted with the people in the CAD department and show your interest. Look for every opportunity to learn on thing or the other from them. Once they realize your interest and aggression it will be hard for them to resist you.

Locate A Friend Or Family Member
This should be your first step if you don’t have the money to fund college CAD education. A friend or family member who knows CAD will be able to find time to help you learn. If you think this will be an easy thing for you, think twice. You will need to show plenty of interest, the will to take instructions and the ability to grasp things very quickly before you can make someone dedicate certain hours of their lives – out of the busy schedules – to teach you for free.

Get Software
Even though it is very hard for anyone to learn CAD without an instructor, you can still give it a try and be a self-taught CAD designer. But then, you must be very smart to make anything out of this. Get software related to your field of interest, install on your computer system and start learning on your own. There is free software you can download online which are very helpful and demonstrative.

Check forums, look up social media and do some online research to find more opportunities. Someone may have helpful books or links to a websites, while others may have software or tutorials they’ll be willing to give to you. It’s up to you to do more research.

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Andrew Johnston is a self-taught CAD professional who started off as an intern designing free CAD blocks for architects.

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