How to Sign Into A Different Apple Account on your Iphone, Ipad or Ipod

The account that you log into on your iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad affects the way your device operates in a number of ways. For starters, all of the applications that you download are tied to a specific account. Logging into a separate account will only allow you to update applications that were purchased with that secondary account. You can also transfer purchases made on a separate account to your current device. Unfortunately it’s not that easy to run multiple accounts on different Apple devices; which can be a pain if you have started a new account recently or want to shift stuff from one account to another. However, for whatever the reason you want to, you can actually sign into a different Apple account on your iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad right from the main device “Settings” app.

 Different Apple Account on your Iphone, Ipad or Ipod

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Step 1
Open the application labeled “Settings” on your device. Though you can log out and log into a different Apple account using applications like “App Store” and “Music Store,” it is arguably easier to do so through the main “Settings” application.


Step 2
Scroll down to the “Store” menu item. The icon for the menu item is blue and resembles the regular “App Store” icon on your “Home” screen.

Step 3
Locate the listing for your Apple ID at the bottom of the window on screen. The e-mail address listed represents the Apple ID you are currently logged into on your device. Tap this e-mail address one time to advance.

Step 4
Tap the button labeled “Sign Out.” Your device will log out of the previously stated Apple ID and you will be returned to the previous screen.

Step 5
Tap the “Sign In” button. Enter the e-mail address and password associated with the Apple ID you’re trying to sign into using the boxes on screen. Once finished, tap “Sign In.” You will be returned to the previous screen. The listed Apple ID in the “Store” window will reflect the Apple ID you just logged in as. All purchases and downloads made on your device will now be associated with that ID as opposed to the original one.

The only problem with this is that you are still limited as to what you can actually do between accounts. As many of us remember Apple gadgets are synced to a certain account and it can be difficult overcoming the account blocks and syncing with multiple networks.

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