Five Most Shocking Celebrity Tweets

Twitter is one of the most popular social media tools, and it helps fans get to know celebrities. Many celebrities have written tweets that have revealed shocking revelations about their personalities. Here are a few tweets that portray celebrities in another light:

1. Mike Tyson Shocks Us with Out-of-Character Messages

Mike Tyson is known world-wide for his boxing skills and his fiery personality. He is also known for his infamous face tattoo, rape charges and ear biting. This is why some of his spiritual and uplifting tweets are so shocking to most people. Here are some tweets that shocked Mike Tyson’s fans around the world: “It’s a beautiful morning so far. Tweet something nice you plan on doing for somebody & at the end of the tweet put @MikeTyson so I see.” Another surprising tweet from the heavy weight champion of the world revealed his latest dietary habits. “It’s almost been nine months with this vegan stuff. It brings some great energy.” Can you imagine this big guy is a vegan? Well, he is according to his tweet.

Five Most Shocking Celebrity Tweets

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2. Martha Stewart Shocks Us with Incoherent Messages

Martha Stewart is a “put-together” domestic maven that offers the world incredible tips for making the home an enjoyable place. So, it is unheard of that the woman of etiquette would make such a foible on her tweets, but she did. The tweet was painful to read: “day two “D” confewrence comcast chief burke discussinhg nbc purchase.” Maybe she was tired or maybe she simply didn’t want anyone but the intended party to understand it, but it was shocking nonetheless.

3. Billy Corgan Shocks Us With Conspiracy Theories

Billy Corgan is a rock star that loves wrestling. Rock stars take up many causes, but some of the causes that Billy Corgan supports are atypical. For instance, he is an avid fighter against environmental causes. He fights environmental pollution such as chemtrails, which have been purported as toxic to the environment even though the government only claims that water is being expelled. His tweet shared the following with the world: “Hopefully they won’t chemtrail us all to death tonight before the big rock show…LOL I just love poison raining down, so fun!”

4. Ice T Loves Games and Shocks the World

“Guess what!!!!! Game Stop somehow JUST called with my MFn game!!!!!???? Someone tell me.. IS THAT THE POWER OF TWITTER??? WOW! MOOOVIN..” Ice T is known for his role as a cop or bad guy in the films. Most would never expect him to be an avid gamer, but this tweet reveals otherwise.

5. David Lynch Shocks the World with His Carpentry Skills

David Lynch loves carpentry. Many of his tweets involve information about his projects including this one. “This weekend, I’ll be back on the small table w/drawers & hope to get the building of it finished. Then it has to be stained and varnished.”

Shocking Celeb Tweets Help Us View Celebrities as People

Celebrities are people too, and these tweets reveals their human side. Read celebrity tweets to learn more about who they are as people.

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