It’s probable that when it came to smartphones, you thought there were limits, such as with brands like WC. Surely there are only so many things your smartphone can be made to do. There have to be upper limits in place as to how far people will push the technology, a line where, once crossed, people would say “OK now that is going too far.”

But, apparently, this isn’t the case in Japan. For, they now have a smartphone toilet. Not that this is really anything new in Japan. Oddly enough, strange toilets appear to be one of Japan’s exports. There have been toilets in Japan hat have heated seat, lids that are powered electrically, and even toilets with sound effects.

But now they have something new, a toilet that can be controlled by a smartphone.

How Does It Work?
The toilet is from the company “Lixil,” and the toilet itself is called the “Satis” line. They work by taking commands through Bluetooth. So the smart toilet can connect to your phone the same way that you pair your phone up with a Bluetooth receiver such as a headset.

What Does It Do?
Now instead of listening to music on your phone, you can use your phone to listen to music on your toilet. The special Satis toilet actually has speakers that let you play music through it via your smartphone.

Smartphone Controlled Toilet

But the “My Satis” app does more than that. It can also lower and raise the lid, so you don’t have to go through the agony of actually raising a toilet lid yourself. It can flush the toilet as well, which could be useful for keeping the handle clean. It can also perform internal cleaning tasks for keeping the unit clean.

There is an even something in the app called a “toilet diary.” This allows the user to keep a record of their toilet usage for as long as they feel they need to do so. This might seem like a terribly strange thing to do, and a pretty weird thing to add to a smartphone app in the first place.
Although, when it comes to phone controlled toilets, it’s just possible that weird doesn’t apply. But the app claims that this could have a positive impact on your water and electric bills.

 Controlled Toilet

The toilet comes out next February in Japan. It’s still uncertain whether the toilet will come out in other countries, such as the United Statesat all. It all depends on how the toilet is seen by American consumers.

They might find themselves asking, ‘Is this toilet actually useful at all?” When you start trying to ask yourself about the utility of a phone controlled toilet, a few ideas could come to mind.
Beyond whether it saves water, it is true that controlling everything through a phone will allow you to touch fewer surfaces. It’s also true that if you spend a lot of time on the toilet with your phone anyway, enhancing your music experience with speakers could be reasonable.

Now if only the toilet could wipe for you, then you’d be totally set.

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