Using the power of the Magento software to build an e-commerce website is almost a no-brainer! This software is a top ranking favorite among developers because it has a huge array of features and functionalities which have a direct bearing on the quality of the online shopping site. The website owner can also make the right choice in terms of choosing individuals who are trained in Magento development.

If you are a developer on the other hand, you can choose to go through Magento development or developer certification which will make you proficient and capable of harnessing all the power and functions of Magento.

  • Magento development helps in many ways including enhancing the shopping experience of a website, improving user experience and interaction and using shopping analysis to drive better business to the website.
  • Magento is an open source platform that shows greater flexibility, greater customization and greater compatibility than most other e-commerce website solutions in the market today.
  • The high degree of customization is important simply because every e-commerce website owner would like to make his website completely different from the others that exist in the market space.

Here is where the compatibility that Magento shows with extensions such as GoMage Ads and Promo comes into play. GoMage Ads and Promo is an extremely powerful solution that helps website owners in smart advertising promotion campaigns of their products and services. Some of the capabilities that this software solution brings in are ease of addition of ads and display of images and promotional windows.

The developer can also use effects and manage the start and end period of promotional campaigns. Such is the flexibility of this software that there is a huge choice of position of display of the ad item. For instance you can choose to position the ad either on the left or the right or top or bottom of the page.

Choosing the right people is important to enjoy the full functionality of Magento development. Ideally you should be able to choose a person skilled in features or knowledge levels pertaining to design integration, search engine optimization, past expertise in creating e-commerce websites based on Magento, maintenance of website, knowledge of the Zend framework and having the ability to think out of the box in order to harness the full functionality of Magento.

Magento also offers developer courses and exams which can further help an individual hone his skills on the Magento platform. Such certifications or upgradations will also help a developer enjoy a better reputation and standing in the e-commerce website building world.

He will thus be better equipped to deal with aspects such as integrating ERP software with CRM or customer relationship management software and work on creating promotional campaigns that will help an e-commerce website stand out in a highly competitive world.

Hiring such a dedicated Magento development expert will also help the business owner in putting his plans of building an unforgettable online shopping experience.

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