Gaming changed the way we live as kids and teenagers. From the time of the simple joystick of the arcade machine to either the console or the PC, the continuous advancements in technology have made every gaming experience available to all people. Also, as time went by up to the present, technology has become cheaper, bringing gaming to new heights in terms of popularity.  If not for technology, we may have been bored to our deaths and not have such option other than our usual hobbies like playing sports and going out with friends.

As it is, the best way to experience gaming is with the use of the PC. Although there is the console, the gaming experience with the use of the PC is something special. Take Counter-Strike for example, and to a certain extent, Half-Life. If not for Valve, a lot of people may not have been hooked to first-person shooting games.

While we still wait for the next installment of the Half-Life series, we still have other options, such as the newly-released Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, the latest COD: Modern Warfare 3, to the EA games special Battlefield 3. Indeed, PC gaming is still popular, contrary to the popular belief that PC gaming is on the verge of death.

Basically, today’s PC gaming provides an experience that can be customized easily. What sets console gaming apart from PC gaming is the fact that PCs today have the capability to provide better graphics suitable for performing such tasks. Obtaining such, though, does not guarantee favorable results. That being said, a gamer who wants to build a very suitable and very capable PC used solely for gaming should be the best option.

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Building a gaming PC is a tall order
Building a gaming PC is definitely a difficult task to undertake due to its complexities. Doing so should be done systematically; that is, carefully devising a plan and executing it one and by one. Such task could be tough, but it can be very rewarding, especially if the person doing it is a determined, tech-savvy, and full-blooded gamer.
As such, here are some of the things that a gaming addict must consider in establishing a gaming PC to perfection:
1.) Rely on your budget. There are millions of computer parts that can be bought everywhere and be combined to create a perfect gaming PC. Fortunately, even if you are on a tight budget, you can still build such.  If you are that thrifty, you can buy a secondhand monitor, mouse, or keyboard for just a small price. You can also rummage for unused ones from a friend, just like hand-me-downs. You can still buy new ones, but you must remember to take care of them so as to prolong them. Also, don’t forget the essentials, such as sound and video cards.
2.) Choose which product to use when you obtain the essential components for your gaming PC. Aside from your basic computer parts, you must not forget to obtain the essentials building your gaming machine. These include the following:
· sound card;
· video card;
· Motherboard;
· hard disk (or solid-state) drive;
· random access memory (RAM); and
· power supply unit.
Of course, there are a number of product brands for each one of them, so pick what you think is the best. For example, if you are to choose which video card to use, you can go for either an Intel or an AMD one. Of course, you have to ask your fellow PC geeks about it if you want to get the best out of playing your favorite PC game.
3.) Build your PC from scratch! You may assemble all the parts of the PC on your own, or you can have a friend work with you on it. Be sure to prioritize safety first before you start doing; unplug the power supply whenever you connect or disconnect computer parts and make sure the switch is set to “off.” Also, take note to ground yourself first for your parts to avoid a case of electrostatic shock which may damage your parts.
There you have it; you just built your very own PC. You can now play your favorite first-person shooting or role-playing game. All the hard work really pays off when you do this tasking endeavor. Be sure to take care of it, and along the way, you must find ways to keep your gaming experience good as new as from the day you tested your newly-built gaming PC.
Editor-in-chief at Cyberockk, Rizwan is an avid mobile geek and a gaming lover. He loves to keep a tab on new tech and loves to share the latest tech news and reviews on Smartphones, Gadgets, Apps, and more.


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