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I needed a more powerful computer for my business that would allow transfer of large files, graphic heavy documents, and storage. Well, okay, truth is I’m a gamer and wanted a speed demon. I know someone who is the master all things electronic, but he was busy with a big upgrade at work. Being the impatient and contrary kind, I decided to make my own. After all, how hard could it be?
What I discovered surprised me. It’s not hard at all. The benefit was I learned new skills. Since I wasn’t going to harvest parts from the old box, I also got to go shopping!

Planning ahead is the best bet for saving money. That way you can identify the parts you want and wait for them to go on sale.


But what do you need?

The bad news is that you cannot just plug any old component into the motherboard. Selecting parts must be carefully undertaken. The motherboard will only accept a certain processor, or RAM, or sound card and so forth. The good news is that anyone can build their own custom computer. If I can do it, I know you can.
Here’s the basics for those like me who are completely clueless.

Dell Laptop

The processor

It helped me to think of the processor as the brain. It takes the information sent it and “processes” it before sending it back. It does this all day long.

The Motherboard

Your motherboard is the place where all your computer parts live and talk to each other.


Memory is electronic storage of data in random access memory (RAM). The amount of RAM will directly affect the rate at which graphics render, data transfers, or the internet loads.

Video Card

A small business or home computer will not require an expensive video card. A gamer will require a strong video card.


This is the permanent (unlike RAM) home that software like the operating system, game programs, and word processing programs live.

Sound Card

This card is straightforward. In to music? Then get the best sound card and speakers money can buy.


This is the container where the motherboard and all the other components stay. Look for one that has a ton of fans to keep the system from over heating.

Power Supply

This appears to be obvious. However, without power, the computer is just an expensive boat anchor.


Again, this choice depends on needs. A word processor does not require the visual resolution a gamer will want.


This is the software part. An operating system will be loaded first. This is the software that manages the other programs on the computer so get a good one. Other programs will depend on what the computer is intended to do.

The Build

There are many excellent books available on building computers. One can probably be found at the local library. Assemble the parts in a well-lighted, clean area and then just follow the directions. It is that easy. The hard part for me was waiting for the sales.
I built my gamer four years ago for about $2,000, and it is still leaving other systems in the dust. It’s big, it’s wicked bad, and it’s pink. Yeah, I’m a girl. Honestly, if I can do it, anyone can.

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