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HTC Windows 8S vs. The Sony Xperia Tipo 
Windows phones have a bit of a bad reputation. And for good reason, the older Windows operating systems were clunky and difficult to use, they came nowhere close to matching the sleekness and convenience of iOS or Android. However, even as Windows phones become less popular, the operating system itself is improving. In fact, there are even a few Windows phones that can compete honourably against an Android. The HTC Windows 8S is one of these. We compared it to Sony's Xperia Tipo to see which of the phones was better, and for once Windows surprised us. We're happy to say that we would whole heartedly recommend the HTC over the Sony any time, though there were a couple of things we liked about the Xperia. Keep reading to find out how these phones compared, and why the Windows phone was actually better...

Why the HTC Windows 8S is a Pretty Good Device...
The first thing that we like about the 8S is that it's simply faster than the Sony. It runs a 1000 MHz processor, as compared to Sony's puny 800 MHz one, making it more powerful, snappier and more responsive than the Xperia. These are things we think are important in a device. Secondly, there's way more internal storage on the 8S. It comes with a full 16 GB, rather than the 2.9 GB on the Xperia, meaning you can store five and a half times more music, photos and videos on the HTC. We are also impressed by the screen. It's bigger than the Sony, coming in at four inches as compared to the 3.2 inches on the Xperia. Not only that, it has two and a half times higher resolution and around thirty per cent more PPI (pixels per inch). This means that the display on the 8S is clearer, crisper and brighter than that of the Xperia. Finally, the in-built camera is just better. It's a 5 MP cam, as opposed to the 3.2 MP one on the Sony, so photos are better quality and more finely detailed.

HTC Windows 8S vs. The Sony Xperia Tipo

Why the Sony Xperia Tipo isn't so Good...
The Xperia just can't match the specs on the HTC. It does come in around ten per cent lighter. It also has a built in radio, if that's a big deal for you. But really the main things we like about the Sony are both connected to the fact that it's an Android phone. Firstly, you're connected to the Android App Market, so finding and downloading new programmes and games for your phone is easy and convenient. Secondly, you can run multiple applications at once. This means you can browse the web whilst talking on Skype without losing your connection. Windows phones no longer support this function, and we think it's important, given how many people use their phones for multi-tasking.

Windows Comes Out on Top...
Given how much better the specs are on the HTC Windows 8S, we really do have to recommend it over the Sony Xperia Tipo. It's faster, has a better display, more storage and a better camera. There's no reason to sacrifice those things just to get an Android phone...

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