Flipbookit Is The New Age Gadget Combining Lots Of Technology And Smart Strategies

The traditional flipbook has allured many people since time immemorial. Now, people who are fond of them can pamper themselves with a new gadget developed at Los Angeles. Kickstarter’s biggest fundraising art project FlipBookKit, is a modern version of a previous century device which has been prepared to create a chimera of movement. A brainchild of Wendy Marvel and Mark Rosen, it is a creative project intended to give users a pleasurable experience.
How a flipbook kit works?
The device comprises of cardboard outer having a small motor which rotates a spindle. This makes flexible cards flip and generate an illusion of roving pictures. Currently, it has a capacity of holding 24 frames but makers are of the view that extra frame cards can be provided with each kit. To make it more animated, a number of colors can be supplied as the Flipbook has the ability to display anything according to the wishes of its users.

In the digital age, anything and everything is made in such a manner than it can be accessed online and this device is no exception to this true spirit. Presently, the innovators are developing a free application which will facilitate users with the option to upload animations or videos of their choice. The frames could then be downloaded for the Flipbook Kit cards.

flipbook kit gadget

Kind of flipbook kits
A number of art parks are coming up as a part of this unique concept. Steampunk kit is one of them which resembles Victorian ancestry. Another one is 3D FlipBooKit that comes with glasses.


How it all started?
It all began last year when the group visited some events and art galleries carrying mechanical flipbooks. The concept is loosely based on Earweard Muybridge’s system of motion studies, which is a pioneer for projection of motion pictures. It engendered quite a buzz, with the device making it to the Maker Faire 2012.

The creators Wendy and Mark are huge fans of sharing and even though the cost of the limited edition models which they demonstrated was huge, they decided to make a version which was accessible to the masses. This was because the trial version saw an overwhelming response. All these events led to the birth of Flip Book Maker.

For turning the project into a reality, “Disney Imagineer” Steven Goldtsein, who has 12 patents as a part of his credentials, was taken into confidence. The man has enormous experience in spearheading the product development from production to distribution. It is expected that the funding for the campaign will help in taking the project to a different level of new creative media. Kickstarter has also begun developing a forum for online user templates.

Challenges and Dangers
Kickstarter is also deciding on components which could be crafted to its standards. The company is especially deciding on injection mold vendors and die-cutting. Goldstein has been doing it for years. Another challenge is to ensure that the online tools which have been developed should work well. Since Mark and Wendy have been handling sophisticated online projects for a number of years now, they are sure to deliver amazing flipbookits.

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