Nokia Lumia 920 vs. HTC One X+. Windows Fails Again…

Nokia Lumia 920 vs. HTC One X+
When it comes to mobile phones, sometimes you have to feel sorry for Microsoft. They have tried so hard to create a competitive mobile operating system, and met with nothing but failure. It seems like they can do nothing right.

However, the new Nokia Lumia 920 is probably the best Windows phone yet. It’s sexy looking, pretty easy to use, and generally not a bad phone. Putting it up against an Android phone though really shows where Windows is lacking. The HTC One X+ is quite simply a great phone. It runs in the same price range as the Nokia, and they should be fairly comparable. Each device has its own advantages, but when it comes down to choosing a winner, Android really takes the prize over Windows every time…

Why the Lumia is Good…                    
There are a couple of things that we really like about the Lumia.
The first is the amount of talk time that we get. The Lumia averages around ten hours of talk time on a single battery charge cycle, as compared to the HTC’s six hours, which is quite a difference when it comes to how often you’re going to have to charge your hand set.

Nokia Lumia 920 vs. HTC One X

We also like the Lumia’s screen, which has around ten per cent higher resolution and about ten per cent more PPI (pixels per inch), resulting in a nice, clearly defined and bright display.
You also get a higher resolution camera on the Lumia, which comes with an 8.7 MP built in camera as opposed to the HTC’s regular 8 MP camera. In fact, the Lumia’s camera takes some very good pictures, clearly detailed and well lit too.

Why the One X+ is Better…
Having said that, there are more things that we like about the HTC One X+.
Firstly, we like the internal storage. The HTC comes with a full 64 GB of internal storage, versus the Lumia’s 32 GB. This means you can store double the amount of music, applications and videos on your device.

The HTC is also faster, given that it runs a 1700 MHz processor versus a 1500 MHz one, so the device is more responsive and a tad snappier.
As with all Android devices, the One X+ can run multiple applications at the same time, so you can carry on a Skype call and surf the net at the same time without losing your connection, something that a Windows phone just can’t do.

As well as all of this, it’s just a smaller hand set, and the Lumia is quite chunky. The HTC comes in around twenty per cent thinner and thirty per  cent lighter than the Lumia, which for something you’re going to carry around all day is quite a big difference.

Android Takes the Prize Again…
There’s no doubt that the Lumia is a good phone, and if Android didn’t exist, Microsoft would be onto a good thing here. But Android does exist, and it’s still better than Windows. The HTC One X+ is fast and small, both things that we like in a phone. Plus, of course, there’s that ability to have multiple applications running, which few other phones can do. SO we have to declare the HTC One X+ the winner.

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