Sky is Green: How One Broadband Company is Making an Environmental Difference

According to Sky Digital, roughly one out of three homes has chosen to make them their broadband provider.  In 2012, the company boasted well more than ten million customers.  Yet, just as other broadband companies around the world look to Sky’s model of business success, many are also checking out their commendable environmental track record.  Not only is Sky regarded as one of the greenest broadband companies in the industry, they are taking direct action to save the acreage and wildlife of rainforests thousands of miles away from their home base in order to make a difference for the planet.

Sky was founded in the United Kingdom in 1990, but its digital service was not instituted until 1998.  The company’s road to success involved many of the key technical upgrades and innovations that other digital companies have also incorporated to remain industry viable, but Sky has simultaneously worked to create policies that are customer friendly.  Under this umbrella of human-based business practices, Sky was a natural-born leader for the green movement in its sector and has maintained policies that support the environment in multiple ways.  Their responsible corporate and workplace polices have marked them as a model of sustainability in the broadband workplace.

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Sky’s Green Model
Upon creating an Environment Steering Group within the company, Sky identified major areas where it could make a sustainable difference at all levels of the company.  To that end, it has determined to employ only the most environmentally friendly materials in all areas of its business, reduce waste at all levels of the company, reduce its use of ozone depleting materials in compliance with strict standards, prevent pollutant emissions, and use products from derived from sustainable forests.  This policy has guided the company broadly while more specific policies and programs fuel its extended green make-over.


Carbon Neutral:  In 2006, Sky transformed its environmental management program by becoming carbon neutral.  In essence, Sky made a commitment to remove as much carbon dioxide from the environment as they put in.  It may not solve the atmospheric problems facing the planet, but it negates further harm—at least from responsible companies who take the carbon neutral challenge.
Wood and Paper: Sky is also committed to sustainable forestry.  All of the company’s paper use is maintained through legally harvested timber from sustainable forests.  These forests are not decimated and abandoned after logging; instead, they are responsibly managed and replanted for future use.  Moreover, the wood for company furniture and building projects is also derived from such sustainable origins.

Rainforest Rescue and Other Green Practices
By partnering with WWF, Sky has launched its Rainforest Rescue program set to save one billion trees in the Brazilian Amazon Rainforest.  Through extensive digital campaigning to inspire its customers to join in the effort, Sky has effectively stepped out of its own patch of the earth to help protect this vital region of South America.  Sky also promotes a program that allows people to sponsor an acre of rainforest land or even adopt a jaguar!  By working with schools to promote global stewardship and maintaining their own recycling program, Sky has created an inspiring model for businesses no matter what their industry may be.

Inspiring Other Businesses
Sky’s policies are easy to locate on their website.  Any broadband companies inspired by Sky’s position on the environment and their sustainable practices can learn more about how to become greener themselves.  To see some of Sky’s employees in Brazil with actual jaguars is a great marketing piece, but what underlies the value of green marketing is the real value of protecting the environment and promoting its healing.  Other worldwide companies may want to consider ways to market their green make-over, as well, and eventually take pride in their shared commitment to do the right thing by the planet.

J. A. Young takes a look at how sky broadband services are going green and argues that this should set an example for other businesses

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