Sony Ericsson Xperia T – Another Competitor for the Smartphone Crown

The Sony Ericsson Xperia T is set to be a flagship handset for the Xperia family of phones.  There are many great features which have been included in the phone including a 13 megapixel camera and an excellent processor.  It is unlikely that users will be disappointed by the handset as there is very little to quibble about.   The overall design of the phone is helping to make it a popular handset and there is a solid chassis which does not have many seams.  The device feels chunkier than it looks but it sits nicely in the hand for a comfortable feel.

This handset has a screen which measures 4.6 inches and the end result is very impressive.  The screen is clear and you will not struggle to view photos or websites on here.  The screen makes use of BRAVIA technology so it is using the same innovative features that Sony has put in their TVs.   The HD display is ideal for the user interface.

Power and Memory
The processor included in the handset is a dual-core processor of 1.5GHz and users will not have any complaints with this.  This is an upgrade on the processor which has been included in other Xperia handsets and you will find that you can move from one function on the phone to another more easily.  In addition to the processor, users will also be happy with the handset’s storage.  There is 16GB of internal storage as well as the ability to add 32GB of additional storage with a microSD card.

Sony Ericsson Xperia T

The phone offers many different functions and as a result battery life is not the greatest, although most users will find that it is adequate for a smartphone of this high spec.  Light users will find that it easily lasts a day though, perhaps more.

Operating System
The operating system is to be Ice Cream Sandwich although there are plans for handsets to be upgraded to Jelly Bean at some point.  This is an excellent operating system and most users will find that it offers everything that they need.   The user interface added by Sony does not change much about the operating system and the homepages can be customised as needed.  There are widgets that have been added as standard by Sony for ease of use.

The camera is 13 megapixels and this is considered to be an outstanding feature of the handset.  There are different options with the photography function on the handset and you can set it at different levels of megapixels.  Video footage can be captured in HD and you can make video calls with the front-facing camera.

Is this the Phone You Have Been Waiting For?
The overall performance of the handset is good and there is little to complain about.   As smartphones go, this one has everything that you might need and more, so if it is time to upgrade your current handset, give some serious consideration to the Sony Ericsson Xperia T as negative points on the phone are few.  You have nothing to lose by giving it a try!         

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