The Best HTC Phones on the Market
Established in 1997, High Tech Computer, HTC was initially making Windows mobile operating system based mobile phones. Later, they diverted their resources to manufacture Android based smartphones.  Recently, again they have launched the Windows 8 powered 8X handset.

HTC One S is an easy to use, slender but sturdy and very fast mobile phone with the Android Ice Cream Sandwich operating system. It is a 7.8 mm thick handset with 4.3” display. Two options are available in looks and finishing. One is a black ceramic option and the other is an anodized look. The ceramic finish is tough and resists light scratches. In spite of the metal casing, the One S is a lightweight mobile phone. The 8MP camera has an f2.0 lens and back side illuminated sensor. It supports multiple levels of flash. HTC’s new camera software offers burst mode. By selecting burst mode, up to 99 pictures can be shot continuously just by holding a finger on the shutter button of the camera. Video can be recorded at 1080p resolution. The HTC One S comes with a 16GB internal storage. However, there is no micro SD card slot, but 25GB cloud storage from Dropbox can be utilised for free for the first two years.

 Best HTC Phones

The HTC One X is another phone from the One Series. This is also a lightweight mobile phone with classy looks and the Android Ice Cream Sandwich operating system. This is a high end device requiring a big fat wallet to buy it. To get HTC One X for free, you must sign up to a contract for 2 years costing around £30 per month. It has a 4.7” display with 1280p resolution. You can use Ice Cream Sandwich specific features such as Face Unlock. The One X has an 8MP camera with LED flash and auto focus feature. It has an f2.0 lens and backside illuminated sensors to improve picture quality in low light. HTC’s one series has Beats Audio technology that enhances the sound.

The HTC 8X, also known as the Windows Phone 8X, features a slick and attractive design, 4.3-inch display with 720p resolution and dual-core processor. Though this phone is user friendly and easy to operate, there are not many apps available for it. The HTC 8X has an attractive interface with colorful, moving tiles. You can customize these tiles in size and placement. It is going to appeal to the fashion conscious. You can activate voice interaction to type mails, notes, messages and send them and to access apps. One interesting feature about this phone is Kids Corner. This app creates a fake screen for your child. Your child can customize this screen with his favorite music, games or videos. When Kids Corner app is active, your child cannot access other apps making it safe for them to use.  Other interesting and useful features are maps and navigation; people Hub, Me Hub, office tools, etc. The HTC 8X has an 8MP camera with LED flash. Picture quality is good, but the camera does not offer various modes to choose from.

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