3 Ways Tablet Devices Can Help Nurse Managers

A tablet is a handy tool to have in almost any field of work. It holds information about, well, pretty much anything. Think of it as a handheld computer – computers can hold all kinds of information in multiple formats. Naturally, this would make a tablet a great tool for managers of any kind.

Nurse management can be a quite complicated job, and the employees in this field need all of the help they can get. When you’re in nurse management, your duties are many. You’re in charge of the duties of the nurses in your hospital, some budget management, quality control in your hospital, making decisions about whether a nurse should be hired or fired… the list goes on and on. So obviously, a tablet would be a great tool to have. Not only can you input all sorts of information on it relevant to your duties, you can keep it with you on the job, in a bag or purse.

Spreadsheets and Nurse Management
So what’s one way someone in nurse management can use a tablet to make the job easier? Well, they can use spreadsheets on their device. No matter what brand of tablet you have, there’s bound to be some kind of app that will help you make spreadsheets. Spreadsheets, as seen in programs like Excel, are indispensable tools for people in most professions that require very high levels of organization. When you’re holding a nurse management position, you really have to remember a lot – whether it’s details about nurses, or budgeting. A spreadsheet will not so much help you take notes, but you can write down and chart numbers with it. In a job that has a lot to do with numbers and money, this is a valuable resource.

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Taking Notes on a Tablet
If you don’t like carrying around a notebook, a tablet can help you there, too. One of the most popular uses for a tablet is as a note taking device. There are tons of different apps for note taking. When you’re in a nurse management position, or really any kind of management position, you need to remember a lot of little notes. A tablet can be your savior in this respect. Some tablets even let you use a stylus to jot your notes down – if you prefer writing to typing, then this would be a very good resource. Try an app like Simplenote or Evernote for note taking. Not only is this more convenient on a tablet than on paper, it’s also more environmentally friendly.

Special Apps for Nursing
Remember – technology is your friend, and usually really helps people’s careers. If you go on any app store, you’re bound to find hundreds of apps that correspond to your position. You can download these right onto the tablet of your choice. There’s everything from pill identifiers, from digital copies of nursing management magazines and other medical magazines, to medical atlases. The best part of this is, a lot of these great apps are free. With a tablet with you on the job, you’ll never be unprepared again – thanks to dedicated programmers and people in your field, working together to create helpful apps.

Why Have a Tablet on the Job?
A tablet is a very valuable resource for any career, really. It stores notes, information, data, and has downloadable apps that correspond with any job choice out there. If you’re in nursing management, then go out and buy one today – it’ll really help with the heavy workload and information memorization that comes with a management position.

Karen Black is a nursing instructor who is happy to share her knowledge through her writing, and she has also contributed to educational articles to help others get their masters in nursing online and still get the quality education needed to succeed in their careers.

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