Is 2013 The Year Of Bring Your Own Device?

We live and work in a world where it’s very likely that your employees own better technology than your company is able to provide. As a small business you may not afford a new smartphone for each and every employee. Or maybe it doesn’t make financial sense to get every member of your staff a tablet.

On the other hand, you may not have to. Many employees are already taking the matters into their own hands and are using their own technology to get work done. Some don’t even expect their employer to invest in the latest IT. On the contrary, they’re happy to get their own personal technology that they can also use at work. So, why wouldn’t you enjoy the benefits of the latest technology especially if you’re a small business on a budget?

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Changing the way small businesses work
This is also known as BYOD or Bring Your Own Device and it can change the way small businesses work. Think about it: a high percentage of your employees already have a smartphone or a tablet. So, why not allow them to use their devices at work to the success of your business?
As you probably know, the number of mobile users accessing the Internet is growing considerably, thus you might consider creating a mobile app or a mobile version for your site. If you don’t have the budget for it, an employee who already has a tablet or a smartphone can help create them and test their functionality. You’re cutting costs while your employees get to use devices they’re already familiar with.


A double-edged sword
There are many benefits to allowing your employees to use their own technology to grow your business, but there are also issues that can arise from BYOD. Liability, taxation, discrimination are just a few of the issues you need to consider.

There’s also the issue of security as your employees will be using personal decides and wireless protocols at work, at home or at a coffee shop, which may put the company’s confidential documents and information at risk.

While there are some disadvantages to BYOD, the benefits seem to be taking over. As long as employees voluntarily decide to use their devices for work purposes and take all the necessary precautions to work in a secure environment, BYOD will continue to expand into 2013.

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