Life Saving Tools: A Guide To Metals Used Within The Medical Industry

Life Saving Tools
Different types of metals are normally more known for the part that they play in making things like jewelry. However, different types of metals are also used for various types of medicinal devices. In addition, different types of metals are used in the treatment of cancer. For example, platinum alloys and platinum are extremely effective in helping men and women.

This is due to platinum’s compatibility with the body. In addition, both types of metals are great electricity conductors. This gives them a large role in the production of pacemakers. Such metals are normally used to help men and women with various types of heart conditions. For example, precious metals can be used in medical devices that are designed to help patients with heart disease or even blocked arteries.

Metals in Medical Devices: Pacemakers 
There are times when the body’s natural pacemaker is not able to maintain a constant heart rate. When this happens, the body might need an artificial pacemaker. This pacemaker is attached to the body’s heart in order to keep the person’s heartbeat stabilized.

Life Saving Tools
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This artificial pacemaker is designed to take advantage of electrodes that are attached to various leads. These leads are designed to send electrical impulses to the body’s heart. They run through the body’s veins and finally connect themselves directly to the person’s heart. The electrodes are attached to the end of the leads. They are made out of platinum iridium alloys. In addition, platinum is used to help generate the electrical impulses that helps keep the heartbeat stable.

Metals in Medical Devices: Catheters
Catheters are designed to help the medical industry with the treatment and diagnosis of different types of heart problems. Catheters are flexible tubes that are inserted into the person’s body. These tubes will either deliver or drain the body of gases or fluids. Catheters are also designed to work with other types of medical instruments during certain surgical procedures.

Catheters are normally used to unblock a person’s arteries. This is done through a type of surgery that is known as balloon angioplasty. During this surgery, the balloon is attached to the catheter. Once the balloon inflates, it will crush the fat and clear the person’s arteries.

The catheter is guided to the site of treatment through wires that are made out of platinum. In addition, small rings that are mad out of platinum are attached to the sides of the balloon. These rings will help medical professionals find the location of the balloon and catheter.

Metals in Medical Devices: Stents
After the angioplasty surgery, most medical professionals will insert a stent into the artery that has been cleared. Stents are designed to help prevent any blocked arteries in the future. A stent is a mesh tube that can be expanded to strengthen a person’s weak arteries. New types of stents are made out of platinum chromium alloy. This can increase a patient’s chances of successful treatment. This is due to this type of metal’s slightly high resistance to corrosion and higher temperatures.

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