Three Quality Mid-Range Phones Compared – Acer Liquid Glow Vs Alcatel One Touch 916 Vs Panasonic Eluga

Acer Liquid Glow Vs Alcatel One Touch 916 Vs Panasonic Eluga
When it comes to choosing a suitable handset but know you do not have a big budget, finding one that has enough features to keep up with friends and family is going to be hard. If you want to step away from the standard mobile phone and move on into the smartphone era here is a choice of three that you really can’t go wrong with.

Acer Liquid Glow
The Acer liquid Glow is a stunning handset that really packs a punch amongst its competitors, and would not look out of place on a table with more expensive models. Operating on Android you certainly get plenty for your money with this wonderful piece of technology. The camera takes good quality images and there is even a front facing camera so you are able to vide call friends and loved ones. The camera flash just adds to its appeal as it can be used in even low light situations which negate the need to also carry a digital camera around with you.

For the price you can expect to pay for the Acer Liquid Glow and all the great quality features it has, this handset should really be near to the top of your must-have list.

Acer Liquid Glow Vs Alcatel One Touch 916 Vs Panasonic Eluga
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Alcatel One touch 916
The Alcatel One Touch 916 has a good look about it, the design seems solid, almost like ti can withstand anything, and it has the added bonus of a QWERTY keyboard which makes it, visually at least, rather like the Blackberry range. For those who are not keen on the touch screen technology might find that this one is a little more appealing. It works on the Android OS and has a great camera feature.

The resolution is 5MP making the images sharp and clear, and there is also an internal flash so it is perfect for evening events. One down side is that fact there is no front facing camera, but for those who do not want to make video calls, this will not be an issue. On the plus side the handset is quad band, so no matter where you choose to holiday, this handset will connect to any GSM network available.

The Alcatel One Touch 916 is a good solid handset at a really great price and buyers will not be disappointed if they make this their number one choice.

Panasonic Eluga
What instantly stands out on the Panasonic Eluga is the fact it is not operated on the latest version of Android, however upgrades to this are expected. The overall design of the handset is great; it really looks like a top of the range phone, which is great as it comes for mid-range prices. Heavy mobile phone users, those who like to download games and apps or take a lot of pictures might be disappointed by the fact there is only 8GB internal memory and no provision for expanding this. On the plus side, being waterproof up to one metre depth makes it great for those who tend to have mishaps with their phones.

Overall the Panasonic Eluga is a good quality mid-range phone that is suitable for all users from students to corporate.

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