Nokia 2220 Slide

Nokia 2220 Slide Vs Nokia 109 Vs Nokia 100
Not everybody is looking for the latest handset and not everybody wants a top of the range, all mod cons smartphone. There are people how are still in the market for a standard simple handset, maybe for their child as a first mobile device. There are so many makes and models of standard handset still available but you cannot go far wrong with Nokia as a brand. They are well known for making good quality hardware at great, very affordable prices. Here will review three simple mobile phones and show that not everyone needs all the whistles and bells to have a great mobile phone experience.

Nokia 2220 Slide
The Nokia 2220 Slide is as the name suggests a slide phone. The keypad is under the cover which slides up to reveal it. You can also answer the phone and cut the call off by sliding the cover. This is a simple handset so there is no Wi-Fi connectivity; there is a camera however, although the resolution is fairly poor, you can still capture decent quality images. It has a 32MB internal memory which is nothing compared to some of the fancier models, but as this handset is designed just for calling and texting it is more than enough storage space. There is FM radio facility for music on the go. Perhaps the most impressive feature of the Nokia 2220 Slide is the battery life. There is up to 5 hours 20 minutes of talk time form a full charge and over 480 hours of standby time. For the type of use this handset will get, it may only need to be charged once a week.

Nokia 109
If you are looking for something a little more modern the Nokia 109 is one of the latest releases in the simple mobile phone range. Weighing just 77g it is very portable and easily carried in the pocket. It has a great internal memory of 64MB and considering the fact it will not be used for internet access most users will find this plenty. One big downside to this handset is the fact there is no Bluetooth facility which makes hands free use a little more difficult. There is no camera feature but the battery life is fabulous.

You can have up to 7 hours 40 minutes of continuous talk time from a full charge and a whopping 790 hours of standby time. If you want to use it for music playback you can have up to 21 hours of listening which helps to pass the time when commuting. It has a lovely design and for the price is a perfectly functional mobile phone which is ideal for children or anyone who just wants to use it as a way to call and text on the go.

Nokia 100
The Nokia 100 is a great little handset that has some fun features including a flashlight, which is very handy when walking home on a dark winter’s night. The earphone jack means you can use a hands-free kit with this handset as there is no Bluetooth option. You can also listen to music using the FM radio feature. It comes in a wide variety of colours to suit several tastes but in true Nokia style the biggest plus point of this handset is its battery life. The best of all three reviewed here, the Nokia 100 has a jaw dropping 7 hours 20 minutes talk time from a full charge, and a whopping 840 hours of standby time.

For the price of these handsets it is hard to choose between them all but for the simple fact there is less charging needed, the Nokia 100 might just win by a nose.

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