Top 5 Ways To Get Cheap Concert Tickets

Every music enthusiast knows that live music is to live for and getting tickets to live concerts is not easy. Most concerts these days are very expensive to go to. On average, a person could spend $100 U.S. dollars on a music concert ticket any day of the week. I am a concert geek and live for live music. I have decided to give away my top 5 secrets to getting concert tickets at a cheaper price.

1. Radio Stations are Giving Out Free Tickets
I know we have all heard radio broadcasters giving away free tickets in your area. This is the best opportunity because they tickets are free. Forget coupon am or discounts of getting certain percentages off. You literally only have to call at the right time and you win free tickets.

Some see the radio stations as background noise. I see them as hold mines to getting my concert tickets. I literally hawk on every radio station in my state and go online to their websites and see when they are giving what tickets away. No I do not win all the time but I am going to concerts on a weekly basis for free from this. If that gives you a good idea.

Cheap Concert Tickets
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2. Follow Your Band Websites for Discounts
I have learned that a lot of these bands post the best deals in their band websites. A very common one to see is, “50% Off Tickets for First 10 Minutes Being Sold.” These are huge discounts usually. If your serious about your concerts then this will be a great ticket.

3. Follow Venue Website Deals
The bands and music artists usually play at the same venues when they play. The places have to be worthy of holding a lot of people and made for music. You will grow to learn these places once you go to concerts on a basis schedule.

4. Craigslist Local Ads
“Jimmy is coming from out of town and we have these concert tickets but can’t make it there.. Want these tickets?” You will grow to know the ads better and better. People are selling these tickets and giving them away for free. I once traded a guy some dubstep CDs for some tickets if that shows you how much I pan handle for tickets on Craigslist.

5. Groups of People are Cheaper
A lot of times if you buy concert tickets in bulk, you can get a cheaper deal. A lot of people don’t know this but it works. Tell the person selling them that you will buy this many if you discount the tickets. They don’t always offer this publicly but will usually take deals like this when offered in person.

What I have find that works the best is, dedication. If your serious enough with following all the sources I talked about, then you will find cheap tickets and be able to feed your hungry appetite for going to music concerts for live music.

Author Chris Weber loves music and learning all about it. Give me a chance and I will show you the powers of music.

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