Top Five Secret Hidden Cameras

Number 1: Spy Camera Recorder Smoke Alarm
This spy camera can be fitted in your hallway, kitchen, living room or bedroom, in fact anyplace you choose as it will not cause any suspicions as it is an everyday item. This is a standard domestic smoke alarm with a built in secret camera. The smoke alarm covertly records audio and video on to a micro SD card that you can look at on your computer later on. This device can record up to 10 hours footage when a 32 GB micro SD card and extended battery are used. The standard battery gives around 12 hours of recording. This device can be used in the same room remotely by remote control

Number 2: Air Freshener Camera Recorder
This air freshener can be placed anywhere you choose because it is an everyday item that no one would expect is a camera recorder. This compact air freshener with a built in covert camera and recorder works like a real air freshener. The air freshener covertly records audio and video on to a micro SD card which you can watch at a later date on your computer. It can record over a 10 hour period continuously when using a 32 GB micro SD card and extended batteries but if used in motion activation mode with extended batteries it will record over a 24 hour period while the standard battery option gives around 12 hours of footage. This device can also be used using a remote control unit from within the same room.

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Number 3: Spy Camera Recorder Wall Clock
This smart looking wall clock with a built in covert camera and recorder is ideal to place on the wall in a kitchen or office in fact anyplace you choose. This recorder can record over a 20 hour period continuously when a 32 GB micro SD card is used with extended batteries. The steel rimmed clock covertly records audio and video on to a micro SD card which can be viewed later on your computer or laptop. The standard battery option can give footage over a 10 hour period and it has a remote control function available with use in the same room.


Number 4: 2 Way Adapter Recorder
This fully functional mains adapter is the ultimate in long term hidden recording devices. The mains powered 2 way adapter conceals a voice activated digital recording system. The unit can be used as a fully functioning adapter allowing 2 plugs to be inserted while still functioning as a hidden recording device. It is virtually impossible to see the internal recording mechanism as it is not visible to the human eye even under close examination. The recorder uses a micro SD card to store the recordings on which will give it up to 24 days of recording time. The voice activation feature extends this further as the device does not record when the area is silent. As this device is powered from the mains the only limit is the size of the SD card you use.

Number 5: Coat Hanger Video Recorder
This covert coat hook DVR spy camera is a great choice for both home and business recording. It is completely undetectable and no one will ever expect you to be recording with a clothes hook! It can be hang on any door or wall to provide you with the ability to record what happens in your home or business. This is a self-contained recording system with a built-in camera, microphone and DVR recorder. The unit is battery operated so it allows portability, allowing you to place the camera anywhere you need it. This camera has built-in motion detection which can be used to record only when it picks up motion. Once you have your recording you can watch it on your computer.

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