What Are Some Of The New Features In Dreamweaver CS6?

If you have been a user of previous versions of Adobe’s Dreamweaver, you are probably aware of and familiar with all the amazing features this software application has to offer. However, even if you have been familiarized with this software application and even if you have used previous versions of Dreamweaver on a professional level, a Dreamweaver CS6 tutorial is probably something you should think about, as Dreamweaver CS6 has many different new features. Here, we will discuss some of the new features present in the latest version of Adobe’s Dreamweaver.

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How Many New Features Are There in Dreamweaver CS6?
There are indeed many new features to be found in Dreamweaver CS6, but the fact is that you will not see all of them, or in fact many of them, when you first start using this program. If you have used the previous versions of Dreamweaver, you will probably not have a hard time figuring out Dreamweaver CS6, but some of the new features will surprise you, while some of them will even require that you take a few Dreamweaver CS6 training classes in order to start using this software application fully and on a serious level. All of the new features have blended in the new version of Dreamweaver, and they have all done their part in making this program more efficient and easier to use.

Changed Interface and Business Catalyst Integration
To be fair, there aren’t any amazing improvements when it comes to the interface of Dreamweaver CS6, but there are many small and seemingly insignificant changes that change the whole experience of using Dreamweaver CS6 and make using this program easier and even more intuitive. Users who use Adobe’s Creative Cloud will be thrilled to hear that the integration of Dreamweaver CS6 with Business Catalyst has become even tighter, so using the services of Business Catalyst along with Dreamweaver CS6 has become easier than ever before.


Improved FTP Client
Those of you who have used Adobe’s Dreamweaver in the past are well aware of the fact that every version of the program had some problems with the FTP client, and uploading files to Dreamweaver has always been an unnecessary hassle. However, Dreamweaver CS6 boasts a completely rebuilt FTP client, and all the improvements that they have made have created the best Dreamweaver so far.

Applying Multiple CSS Classes
It is now possible to apply multiple CSS classes in Dreamweaver CS6, and this has, surprisingly, never been possible in any of the previous versions of Adobe’s Dreamweaver. All you need to do is choose an element, click on it, find the Class menu and choose to apply multiple classes to this particular element.

All in all, Adobe’s Dreamweaver CS6 has gone through a serious makeover, and this has probably been the most serious makeover any version of Dreamweaver has ever had. This is exactly what makes Dreamweaver CS6 the best Dreamweaver today, and it will remain so until a new version emerges. Remember that Dreamweaver CS6 online training and tutorials are very easy to find and use, so use them in order to master this practical program.

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