Windows or Android, Which is the Better Deal?
Looking for a decently priced cell phone is not as daunting as it may seem. Though many manufacturers produce expensive, top of the line devices, many also produce ranges of mid-price phones that are very affordable. Today we’re looking at two of them. The Nokia Lumia 900 is a Windows phone, but don’t let that put you off.

The Lumia series is an excellent line of Windows phones, and the Windows operating system has come a long way since the early days when it was clunky and hard to use. The other phone is the Samsung Galaxy Mini 2, an Android phone that’s part of Samsung’s best-selling Galaxy series. So if you want to buy a mid-priced phone, which of these is the better deal? We put them to the test to find out exactly how they compare.

What the Nokia Lumia 900 Can Do For You…
The Lumia is by far the faster phone. It runs a 1400 MHz processor rather than the lesser 800 MHz processor on the Galaxy, making it more powerful, snappier and more responsive than the Samsung model. The screen is also far superior. It’s larger, measuring in at 4.3 inches, as opposed to the 3.3 inch screen on the Galaxy. Not only that, but the display has two and a half times higher resolution and twenty percent more PPI (pixels per inch). These combined make the display on the Lumia brighter, clearer, more colorful and crisper than that on the Galaxy.

The built-in camera is also higher resolution, its 8 MP (versus the mere 3 MP cam on the Mini 2) making for better quality photos that have more fine detail. The camera also shoots video in full HD. Finally, you get an awful lot more internal storage on the Lumia, which comes with 16 GB of internal memory as opposed to just 4 GB on the Samsung. That means you can store four times more videos, music, photos and games on your device.

What the Samsung Galaxy Mini 2 Has to Offer…
The Samsung does have a few things to offer. Firstly, you get way more apps on the Samsung, the Android App Market has about seven and a half times more applications available than the Windows Phone Marketplace. The Galaxy also runs a newer version of the Bluetooth software, coming equipped with Bluetooth 3.0 rather than the older 2.1 version on the Nokia. For frequent users of Bluetooth devices, such as hands-free, this means faster data transfer and that your phone uses less battery when connecting to devices. Finally, the Samsung comes in smaller and lighter than the Nokia.

Which One’s the Better Buy?
If you don’t let the fact that the Nokia’s a Windows phone put you off (and it really shouldn’t, this is a good Windows phone), then the Lumia 900 is the better bargain. You get a more powerful phone with a better screen and more storage for your money. The Lumia 900 really is worth your consideration as a decent, affordable device.

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