5 Cool Jobs For Cell Phone Lovers

If you’re a fan of cell phones and all aspects of mobile technology, then you may want to consider a career that lets you work with cell phones all day long. These careers are becoming more and more in demand, as more people have cell phones, so if you’re looking for something involving cell phones long-term, consider one of these options.

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5 Cool Jobs For Cell Phone Lovers
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1. Cell Phone Repair Technician

If you’re good at figuring out how things work, this may be an excellent job for you to pursue. You can work at an electronics store or set up your own office where people can bring you their broken mobile phones. Either way, you get the opportunity to learn more about phones and work with them every day. Dealing with frustrated customers may be a pain upfront, but handing their fixed phone back to them will make it all worth it.


2. Cell Phone Sales Rep

This is an easy job to get, as they are highly in demand at electronics stores and cell phone provider stores. All you have to do is know about different kinds of phones and figure out which phones would be best for which customers. If you love cell phones, it will be easy for you to talk them up to your customers – it’s always easier to sell something you really believe in. It gives you a chance to learn about all the newest phones as they come out and talk to others about them.

3. Cell Phone Tester

These jobs are hard to find and don’t always pay well, but they make up for it by being really, really fun. Basically, a cell phone tester gets the newest phones before they’re marketed to everybody else. They play with it for awhile, use it as they would a regular phone, and then report back to the company what worked and what didn’t. It’s a valuable way for companies to learn what they have to fix before marketing it to the public.

4. Mobile App Designer

If you’re good with programming and interested in doing some mobile phone development, this may be the job for you. Apps are the big thing these days, with apps for everything from gaming to everyday task helpers to business services. If you’re creative, you can design your own app and see if it takes off. If you don’t want to come up with apps on your own, you can work with an existent app developer to build the apps they come up with.

5. Mobile Phone Customer Service

Customer service can be a thankless profession, but it’s easy to do if you are knowledgeable and don’t get rattled by angry people. A lot of the time, when people call or email with questions about their phone, there’s a simple answer they just haven’t heard before. If you like learning new things about phones and helping people by answering their questions, you could work at a call center or tech support company to help solve customers’ phone issues long distance.

These jobs all involve working with cell phones at a variety of levels, so no matter what it is you love so much about the mobile world of cell phones, you can find something that will connect with the things you love to do.

Emily McNutt has worked as a cell phone salesperson for the past 3 years. For more information on phone repair, please vist www.iFixandRepair.com.

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