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Have you ever read about the completeinternet history? Today, the internet is one of the biggest things on Earth. Its reaches go all around the world.

Perhaps the only places that it cannot reach are those areas without any source of electricity. Have you ever wondered how the internet started? It had to have started somewhere, sometime ago.

Here in this article, we will not dabble too much on the specifics of the complete internet history since there are so many names and technical jargon that many people will probably not understand. Instead, we shall discuss some of the internet’s milestones instead.

Internet History Highlights

1969 – ARPANET should be considered the “caveman” version of the internet. In this year, the ARPANET had the first nodes installed and these nodes were able to carry the first packets of information.

1972 – This was the year when email was first invented by Ray Tomlinson. Because of this invention, the @ sign was also made popular. Within this year, much of the exchange at ARPANET were due to emails.

1973 – ARPANET has finally gained its first international connections through the University College of London and also NORSAR (Norway)

1974 - "A Protocol for Packet Network Interconnection" was published by Vint Cert and Bob Kahn. This published work was about TCP.

1976 – This was the year when Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs founded the Apple computer. Now we know that this company has been around for a long time.

1980 – The predecessor to the World Wide Web, “Enquire Within”, was a program that was developed by Tim Berners-Lee

1981 – DOS was created by Microsoft.

1982 – Have you ever wondered how the smileys began? Well, it was this year when Scott Fahlman suggested the uses of the basic smileys, :-) and :-( so that emotions can be conveyed in emails.

1988 – The first internet worm was created and it was able to infect 6,000 computers. This was what prompted the developers to make the internet safer.

1990 – The year when ARPANET ends. Tim Berners-Lee has then invented the World Wide Web.

1993 – Web browsers Mosaic and Netscape were both invented this year.

1994 – Yahoo! Was popularized on the internet.

1995 – Windows 95 was released. Amazon and Ebay were both established during this year which started the era of trade and ecommerce on the internet.

1996 – Internet Explorer was the browser invented and placed in the Microsoft operating systems.

1998 – The year when Google was finally introduced to the internet.

2004 – Facebook was launched by Mark Zuckerberg. Flickr was also launched in the same year.

2005 – YouTube and Skype launched on the internet, making it easier for people to view clips online and also talk freely through the internet.

2006 – Twitter was created.

This may not be the complete internet history, but it highlights the milestones of the internet and what has occurred throughout the years. The humble beginnings of the internet during the 60’s have blown up into the online world that we have today.

If you want a more complete internet history so you could have names of the people who coined the internet and all the other past names of computers as well, then you can simply run a search for it online. Actually, much of the development of the internet happened before 1992 when the ARPANET was still in use.
Today, it has been replaced with the more advanced World Wide Web.

The complete internet history is written by many researchers all over the internet. In this article, we have mostly just touched on the highlights of the popular internet culture today in case you are wondering how Facebook and other social media sites came about.

When did you first hear about the internet? Where you an early adopter, or slow to adapt to the new technology?

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