Amazing Innovations That Have Been Made To Car Headlights

Throughout the years, we have seen cars evolve into even better vehicles than they ever were before, with new safety features that keep drivers and passengers more protected wherever they go and technological improvements that make the driving experience more fun. One area that has been greatly improved upon within the automobile industry is in the production of headlights. The newest headlights are more intelligent and provide an even greater field of vision during night time driving as well as during harsh weather conditions that reduce visibility.

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Daytime Running Lights
Manufacturers began producing vehicles that come with daytime running lights in order to prevent accidents during the day. Daytime headlights are not as bright as the headlights that you turn on at night, yet they are still easily seen by other drivers on the road, especially if the weather is overcast and you do not think to turn your headlights on yourself. These daytime running lights turn on automatically as soon as you turn your car on, so you do not even need to worry about remembering to turn them on or off. Simply put, they are headlights that are always on.

Xenon Headlights
Xenon headlights are better than traditional, or halogen, headlights because they not only have a longer lifespan and consume less energy to operate, resulting in lower emissions, but they are also brighter and more easily seen by other drivers. Xenon headlights are also known as HID, or High Intensity Discharge Headlights, and are becoming more and more common on even average-priced consumer vehicles, though they are still most prevalent among high-end and luxury cars. These headlights cover a wider range of visibility than halogen headlights do, and they also display reflective road signs better at night.


Adaptive Headlights
One of the greatest safety innovations to hit the automotive market in recent years is the implementation of adaptive headlights. Because most of the worst car accidents occur at night, adaptive headlights are bringing drivers one step closer to having a safer ride in the dark. Adaptive headlights work by intelligently and automatically shifting with every bend in the road, so that the direction that you are traveling in is always illuminated brightly.

They work by using electronic sensors that react promptly to the speed, steering direction, and elevation that a car is at, always adjusting so that the lights are focused ahead instead of off to the sides of the road. This allows the driver to see what’s ahead in a sharp curve, with plenty of time to slow down or stop if necessary, and it also reduces glare that other drivers would have to deal with if the headlights were not adaptive.

Fog Lights
If you turn your regular headlights on when there’s fog in the road, most of the light will be reflected back at you, creating a lot of glare. Fog lights, on the other hand, are specially designed to eliminate this problem. They are angled downward, beneath the fog, so that you can see the road ahead better.

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