Back Up Cameras To Avoid Blind Spots And Collisions

Commercial trucks and heavy motored vehicles are perhaps the most difficult to operate on the current road conditions. A lot of road traffic accidents could be avoided to some extent by improvising corrective systems.

The Rear view safety company brings in a fully integrated and multi-part truck camera backup system. This will allow truck drivers to get an unobstructed view of what comes behind them.
This initiative would have an excellent benefit for the cargo companies to save their money on accidental damages. There would be no blind spot accidents resulting in injuries and deaths.

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Back Up Cameras To Avoid Blind Spots
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About rear view safety:
Rear view safety is a company specializing in rear view camera manufacturing. It is currently portraying two of their camera models to enhance the safety of commercial vehicles across the country.

The company is excited to bring in their backup cameras with night vision capabilities. The product was specifically developed for Truck Cap models.

Camera specifications:
The rear view cameras from Rear View Safety are quite affordable. The system 1 camera set up piece is equipped with a crystal sharp 5.6 inch LCD color monitors that can project a 130 degree view of the road and the vehicles behind the truck. This will warn the driver well in advance to take the necessary action before encountering a blind spot.

The camera functions well in the day as well as the night. It has eighteen different infrared lights that can project up to 50 feet from the back of the vehicle. The camera system can function efficiently in different weather conditions and offers excellent shock resistance.

Other features of these camera systems include a remote control which can be operated by the driver, a built in speaker system and provision of an earphone jack. There are also three additional channels that could allow drivers to connect with additional cameras or DVD players.

Another camera model from the company is the SerVision4 channel DVR model which is doing the rounds of the market currently. Its streaming video capability is well backed by the Wi-Fi and cellular networks. The system also allows two way communications between the driver and the control center  Additional built in features include the GPS system and G-force accelerator to help prevent collision and an optional touch screen feature.

About backup camera systems:
The cameras have an extra brake light that seamlessly mounts onto a flat surface of the commercial vehicle to offer a complete rear camera night vision. Each unit integrates with the pre-existing rear view camera monitor easily and features the highest industry ratings in both weather and shock proofing.

The camera is available at just $159.99 from Rear view Safety’s e-commerce site and is armed with one year manufacturing warranty. It does not matter if the driver has a short haul or a trek across the cross country junction. The elimination of blind spots through these cameras helps to drastically improve road safety and saves lives of truck drivers and other SMV drivers around them.

The company is also ready to tie up with businesses that involve large fleets of commercial vehicles to offer bulk order discounts and extra replacement parts. This way the issues can be fixed at the business’s headquarters itself.

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